Whizz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper - A Review


It frees up 2 hrs 22 mins of manual cleaners’ time per 500 sq.m. and cleans 98% of the available floor space compared to 52% by a manual vacuum cleaner.


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October 25, 2020
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Whizz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper - A Review

How much time does your cleaning staff spend cleaning an entire facility? Could this time be reduced? Could there have been some efficiency in the entire cleaning process? Could the same staff be put to some other productive use? Perhaps, yes.

We are now entering an era where everything will be automated, including cleaning. The concept of automated cleaning, which was earlier being resisted by facility owners, is now gaining popularity - slowly but surely.

A facility owner’s resistance to change

When automated cleaning equipment was first introduced, housekeepers were pretty sceptical about using them for a number of reasons.

- Firstly, they would wonder about the efficiency of automated equipment.

- Next, they would think that automated equipment would spoil guest experience.

- Automated equipment was not programmed to avoid obstacles and had the possibility of bumping into things.

- This equipment lacked intelligence. A human could make cleaning-based decisions better.

Earlier, these reasons held some ground. Now technology has advanced to an extent that it makes all the sense for facility owners to opt for automated equipment. Whizz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper is one such example. It is high in quality and clean with better efficiency with the mere touch of a button.

Product Review: Whiz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper

It is not just efficiency that sets the Whizz Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper apart from its competition. There are many features that make it unique.

- Powered by Brain OS
Whiz is powered by Brain OS, which is an award-winning navigation software. This software enables Whiz to navigate complex, large and dynamic environments.

- Brings efficiency to the cleaning process
Whiz doesn't really require human supervision. It can work on its own. This implies time and cost savings while reducing the cleaning times significantly. With Whiz, your cleaning staff will get the time to perform higher value and more detailed tasks.

- Reduces the impact of absenteeism
Whiz makes the lives of your cleaning staff much easier. It saves them from laborious and repetitive tasks, reduces workplace accidents and above all, reduces the impact of absenteeism. It frees up 2hrs 22 mins of manual cleaners time per 500 sq.m.

- Delivers better results
Smart Whiz is way ahead of its competition. It achieves better results, which in turn reflect in customers trusting your brand/ facility. Whiz cleans 98% of the available floor space compared to 52% by a manual vacuum cleaner.

- Better decision making
Whiz Connect technology provides better decision making avenues to the facilities managers and housekeepers by providing real-time data and analytics. You can group data by day, week or month. It also keeps you informed about the runtime and area covered by the machine, allowing room for more efficient performance.

- Does not hamper guest experience
With Whiz at work, you don’t have to worry about guest experience. Unlike popular notion, Whiz is programmed in such a way that it won’t bump into things or people. Built-in sensors ensure Whiz automatically avoids people, walls and stairs.

More features of Whiz

  • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of PM2.5 particles including pollen and dust.
  • Real-time alerts tell your team when Whiz is done or needs a hand.
  • Easy-to-change dustbag with 4.0L capacity.
  • Runs up to 3 hours and cleans up to 1,500 sqm on a single charge.

Whiz is a living example of robotics and much needed in times when the world is heading towards an era of complete automation.


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