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Product Review: Omniflex Autovac™ from Kaivac


Lightweight, easy to maintain and available at a fraction of the cost of traditional auto scrubber.


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July 25, 2020
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Product Review: Omniflex Autovac™ from Kaivac

With schools in the region grappling with understanding how to improve their cleaning schedules while continuing to stay vigilant about potential contamination, the OmniFlex AutoVac™ is unparalleled in its stress-free solution to cleaning large expanses of hard floors in schools.

The AutoVac™ is an automated floor cleaning machine that’s 3-4 times faster than mopping, with one major difference: it actually removes the soil completely from the floor surface instead of spreading it around! This system is perfect for high-speed cleaning of hard surface areas and is effective without the added cost or complexity of traditional methods, making it perfect for facilities managers.

Features of the AutoVac


The AutoVac™ outperforms an equivalently sized auto-scrubber by combining the various cleaning steps into a single pass – a hard-to-ignore saving on consumables and man-hours. With its battery-powered version, it can clean up to 20,000 square feet of floors per hour, which is huge! One can use the AutoVac either for vacuum removal of liquids & cleaning solutions or simultaneously dispensing and spreading cleaning solution with instant vacuum extraction.

Low cost of ownership

The AutoVac’s initial purchase price is 10-25% lesser than an equivalently-sized auto scrubber. Moreover, it is easy and inexpensive to maintain. No specially-trained technicians are required!

Travels faster

The AutoVac can go up and down stairs and even fit inside a small car. It’s significantly lighter than auto scrubbers and can be taken practically anywhere.

Flexible power options

AutoVac is available in both corded and lithium-ion battery powered models for the ultimate efficiency and flexibility. The cordless capability offers maximum productivity and ease while the corded model offers extreme cost-effectiveness and robust reliability. The best part is that you can quickly switch between the two modes by deploying an extra vacuum motor head.

Easy to learn

The AutoVac takes minutes for someone to learn to use it effectively.

Shinier floors

An auto scrubber might not be an appropriate solution for floors that are polished on a more frequent basis - like marble or granite floors - due to the heavier ‘scrubbing’ feature. The AutoVac is gentler, focusing on daily dirt and particulate - extending your floor’s shine. A study showed that the AutoVac system removes up to 99.8% of targeted soil - 0.3% more than a regular auto scrubber in the same facility and 48.9% more than a microfiber mop!


The AutoVac is perfect for the following spaces and tasks:

  • Hallways
  • Lobbies
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums
  • Store rooms
  • Dance floors
  • Clinic & hospital floors
  • Educational set-ups
  • Daily hard floor cleaning


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