• 5 Tips to Ensure Employees Follow Food Safety and Hygiene Protocols

    Ms Aswathy Chulliparambil, Food Safety Consultant and Trainer at Rentokil Boecker, discussing 5 tips to ensure employees follow food safety and hygiene protocols!By the end of this episode, listeners will have a better understanding of the importance of food safety and hygiene also practical tips to ensure their employees are following proper protocols.

  • The Ideal Cleaners Checklist

    On this episode we have Brant Insero, Senior director of education, training, certification & standards ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association discussing on the ideal training checklist for cleaners! ????Dont miss out on the valuable insights and tips for keeping your cleaning team at their best!https://www.cleanmiddleeast.ae/podcasts/implementing-iot-in-soft-fm-with-cindy-hermsenhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/14391992/admin/

  • Key Steps for a More Hygienic Fast Food Future with Alan Zering

    Fast food has taken over our hearts over the past few years. It has become the choice of many for a quick meal. However, have you ever thought about the key components of hygiene, or what can be done to ensure a healthier future in the fast food business? On the new episode of Clean Talk, Alan Zering, Managing Director, Intertechjoined us to discuss the 'Key Steps For a More Hygienic Fast-Food Future

  • Implementing Iot in Soft FM with Cindy Hermsen

    Will IoT technology change soft Fm forever?Implementing IoT in soft FM can provide many benefits, including improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced control and monitoring and more and also includes various challenges On this episode, we have our special guest Cindy Hermsen, CEO at the Global Alliance of Facility Management Innovators taking us through the impact of IoT in soft FM ! Happy listening everyone! Don’t forget to leave comment and share this intresting episode!

  • How to Retain Skilled Cleaners with Tommy Taylor

    Have you ever wondered why your cleaning staff switches organisations as you train them? Why is there a shortage of cleaning staff in the market, and what can organisations do to attract skilled cleaners? or How will you tackle this situation? Good day, everyone! Tommy Taylor, Director, T Taylor Solutions, joins us on this episode to discuss 'how you can retain skilled cleaners'! Listen to the full episode and don't forget to leave a comment!

  • Back to School with GEMS Education

    As kids head back to school for the second year in a row in the midst of a pandemic, Santosh Hadinaru, Head of Health and Safety at GEMS Education provides advice on how to help kids navigate another year of unknowns also the preparations and infection control procedures followed at one of the most popular school chains.

  • Cracking the Cleaning Industry code with Ron Segura

    With 57 years of industry experience under his belt, Ron Segura joins us in the first episode of The Clean Talk!

  • Using probiotics in cleaning - Yay or Nay?

    Are Probiotics the Future of Cleaning? In Conversation with Joe Flanagan of Ingenious Probiotics

  • 2021: Uncertain or Hopeful?

    We’ve turned over the 2020 page (and thankfully so). It’s time for the cleaning and hygiene industry to brace for 2021. But amidst new strains of COVID-19 emerging, will the new year be uncertain or hopeful?

  • Talking Air Disinfection with Michael Rollins

    In our new episode of of Breakfast Bytes, we speak to Michael Rollins, Consultant Healthcare Environment Infection Prevention regarding the equipment, chemicals and procedures required to maintain air hygiene in healthcare settings.

  • Talking Gym Hygiene with Bradley Emmet

    In our new episode of Breakfast Bytes, we are joined by Bradley Emmet, Former Head of Operations Gold Gym UAE.

  • COVID-19: Common challenges faced by manufacturers of cleaning products

    Covid 19 has undoubtedly turned the world upside down. From health to economy, the pandemic has not shown mercy towards anyone.

  • COVID- 19 and how hotels in Dubai are taking precaution

    This week's episode is powered by Diversey. Our speaker in this episode is Ms. Tatjana Ahmed - Chairwoman of the UAE Housekeepers Group and Housekeeping Manager at Grand Hyatt Dubai, talking to us about how housekeepers in the region can take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Importance of education & training in the cleaning business

    This week's episode features Manuela D’Agata, International Education and Certification Director, ISSA EMEA Office, and Dennis Goodwin, the Business Development Manager, UK, Ireland and the Middle East, ISSA.

  • Importance of Training & Education in the cleaning business - Part 2

    This week's episode features Manuela D’Agata, International Education and Certification Director, ISSA EMEA Office, and Dennis Goodwin, the Business Development Manager, UK, Ireland and the Middle East, ISSA.

  • Highlights of Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2019

    Here's a roundup of the latest technology we witnessed at the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2019 that witnessed close to 3000+ visitors from 78 countries and around 50 exhibitors from 15 countries.