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Featuring the top cleaning suppliers of 2021


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November 1, 2021
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Tell us about your company?

 Al Saqr Industries LLC is a company which was incorporated in UAE more than a decade ago and is now a well- established conglomerate in the fields of vehicle liquids, cleaning liquids and packaging items. We enjoy a large market share in these industries in and around the Middle East and we also have three branches in Oman to ensure prompt service and supply.

Tell us about your range of products?

 We specialise in manufacturing a series of chemicals, household cleaning liquids, vehicle liquids, packaging items and personal care products.

Industrial and household cleaning liquids - dish wash, floor cleaners, antiseptic disinfectant, autowash shampoo, drainage opener, cleaning acid, cement scale and rust remover.

Vehicle Fluids - Aqua Blue (Carbon Emission Exhaust fluid), battery acid, battery water, radiator coolants, antifreeze coolant.

Packaging items - stretch film, shrink film, cling film, aluminium foil, tapes, pp strap, cord strap, corrugated roll, bubble roll etc.

Personal care products- hand wash , sanitizing solution , hand sanitizers and Biotab7

DM Water and Distilled water These products are manufactured under various popular and industry best brands such as AQUA, COOLX, TURBO, KLEAN-X, CRYSTAL and AL SAQR.

Which are your top performing products?

All our products are Industry Best and quite popular due to the quality standards we maintain. If you ask us to point out two of the best performing ones, we will name Aqua Blue and Drainage Opener.

Aqua Blue

 AQUA BLUE is an aqueous urea solution formulated for exhausting carbon/ diesel emission in the SCR system of a diesel engine. It meets accepted international standards for purity and composition, including ISO22241. Aqua Blue is the reactant necessary for the functionality of the SCR system. It is a carefully blended aqueous urea solution of 32.5% high synthetic urea and 67.5% deionized water.

Drainage Opener

Drainage opener unblocks sewer pipes or clogged wastewater drains very effectively. Al Saqr has Atlantic, Balwa Thazab, New and Aqua drainage opener in the market in different packing sizes. These Drainage Openers are fast moving products in the market due to the high quality and satisfactory results it gives. In every household one can see one of these products as a proof of its popularity.

What makes these products unique?

Aqua Blue is an ESMA certified product with international recognition. Drainage Opener also is a product with Dubai Municipality approval.

What are the future plans/visions of your company?

 To expand the export opportunity of these products further to a few other countries also.