As the saying goes: ‘The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity for growth’. The last few months the world at large has witnessed what some people say is a ‘once in a 100 years’ experience. As hard as the challenge was the world also witnessed the appreciation for not only the heroes of health but also the protectors of our facilities and community at large.

Hygiene took center stage and the industry certainly put up a brave front and set the standards for hygiene & cleanliness both within and around the communities.

With the Government currently at Stage 1 of reopening the easing the rules of the lockdown it is important to reflect upon the lessons one learnt from the pandemic. Over the next two months, CM today will shed light on the various lessons one learnt during the pandemic, opportunities that were discovered and how those will help bring in better best practices for the ‘Community’ at large.


Past Webinars


    September 2020

  • Safety Call: How to reassure your clients that your laundry is safe
Tanya Lovell Sales Manager,
Reza Hygiene
Prabhat Shukla Director of Housekeeping for Intercontinental Doha The City,
Founder of Qatari Housekeepers' Association
01 September 2020 3.30 pm (UAE TIME)

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    June 2020

  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Time to Bounce Back: A Sustainable Business Approach to Linen Care
Ian Harris Director,
Laundry & Textiles Consultancy
Marco Oleotto CEO,
Clean Swift Laundry
01 June 2020 3.30 pm (UAE TIME)

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  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Is Linen Rental the way forward post-COVID 19?
Omeir Zahid Founder & CEO,
15 June 2020 3.30 pm (UAE TIME)

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