Oxygen & Air Purification


Understanding the value of Oxygen in the air we breath…


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December 24, 2020
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Oxygen & Air Purification

Oxygen is the reason for life on Earth. This is common knowledge. But what is not so common is the fact that the molecules of this life-giving gas can be activated in the same way as in nature. This concept was discovered first in 1910-1930 by Albert Einstein and Maurice Solovine and Conrad Habicht.

This extremely important discovery then led to the understanding that oxygen molecules in the air can be activated to promote indoor air purification! Ever since it was accepted as a true fact in 1954, scientists have worked hard to prove that activated oxygen can also minimize the presence of microbial counts in the air, thereby promoting good air health.

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The process

In nature, the sun, wind, water, plants and trees release energy that continuously splits oxygen molecules into electrically charged groups of atoms. Initially, each individual oxygen atom consists of eight protons, eight electrons, and a number of neutrons. In the electro-physical process, whereby nature splits the oxygen molecule, some of the atoms give off one or more electrons and create positive ions, whereas others will catch one or more electrons and create negative ions. These differently charge ions will then be attracted to one another and form new, electrically charged oxygen molecules, which will then have been activated and charged with new energy. This electro-physical process of bipolar ionization goes on all the time and is indeed vital for our existence as it ensures that the air is charged in energy and capable of neutralizing and cleansing the earth’s atmosphere of bacteria, fungi, mould, gases and pollution, etc.

This occurs by means of a number of processes:

  1. Activated oxygen breaks down and ruptures the cell membranes of microbes and spores. It kills and prevents every kind of new formation and growth.
  2. The activated oxygen in the air oxidizes and breaks down gases and odors. This chemical process is irreversible, and the gases and smells are destroyed permanently.
  3. Electrically charged oxygen molecules form oxygen clusters that attract, neutralize, and remove particles, dust and pollen in the air.
  4. The electro physical process creates natural, ion-balanced air that is rich in oxygen and identical to natural fresh air that we need to live and breathe.

It is an established fact that natural and fresh indoor air is the basis for beneficial and satisfactory working conditions – the major problem for us is that this process occurs naturally only outdoors. Since nature’s energy does not stimulate and split the oxygen molecules in the air in enclosed spaces, the air quickly becomes inert, lacking energy and incapable of purifying or renewing itself. This air becomes heavy and a prime breeding ground for microbes – creating distinct odors, among other health hazards, which we may not necessarily sense.

That is why, oxygen has now become the most preferred gas when it comes to air purification and odor neutralization. Indoor air purification devices include processes to activate oxygen in various ways to purify air and it is proving to be one of the most effective solutions today.


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