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Hotels Fight Against COVID-19


Are you struggling with retaining guests and maintaining hotel occupancy rates?


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March 19, 2020
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Hotels Fight Against COVID-19

 Several hotels in the region are currently quarantined centres where both guests and hotel staff face a high risk of getting contaminated with the deadly COVID-19 virus. 

The solution - the highest levels of cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection along with a stringent sanitisation programme in place. 

When it comes to deep cleaning and disinfection, there are five key touch points to consider: 

1. Training Training Training:Ensure that your personnel have the best PPE (personal protective equipment). Training them in preparing and using the chemicals safely and effectively. At the same time, ensure that they maintain a safe social distance from each other and guests. 

2. Public areas: Public areas are where maximum cross contamination can occur. From the door handles, to the reception desk, credit card machines, elevator buttons and even the floor.

3. Washrooms: Washrooms, in general, are great harbingers of germs and microorganisms. In the current situation they can literally be a death trap. Door handles, taps, tissue dispensers, and even flush levers cannot be left unignored.

4. Rooms: Rooms are where people spend the maximum time. Hence, every day, disinfection of all surfaces must be carried out. Special consideration must be given to electric switches, bedside tables, lamps, chairs and arm rests, furnishings and linen.

5. HVAC and air quality: Since COVID-19 is an airborne disease, fumigation of the entire HAVC system and general ambient air is crucial across the hotel.

Using surface disinfectants for large areas and disinfectant wipes for hard to reach areas like buttons, etc, help immensely. Special disinfectants are also available to ensure effective fumigation. Ensuring that the best practices and proper cleaning management is carried out will result in efficient combatting of COVID 19.