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All You Need To Know About Scrubber Dryers


Whether you belong to the food processing, hospitality, automobile, pharmaceutical or any other industry, a good floor cleaning machine can be like an extra member of staff for a busy cleaning team, if carefully chosen.


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April 26, 2020
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All You Need To Know About Scrubber Dryers

This holds true for scrubber dryers, which are most often recommended for indoor floor cleaning regimes. Here are the popular reasons to use them!

1. They are more hygienic and achieve ten times more sanitation than a manual cleaning system.

2. They take just half the time of a manual cleaning process with minimal effort and lead to all round savings on time, money and resources!

3. They are environmentally friendly. They release just the right water/detergent combination for the selected cleaning task, saving both.

How does a scrubber dryer work?

A scrubber dryer comes in two models: walk- behind or ride-on. They may also be classified as battery operated with or without a cable. A scrubber dryer machine essentially cleans floors with the help of a mechanically operated, rotating floor pad and a mixture of water and detergent which it constantly releases into the rotating pads. The rear of the machine collects the leftover detergent and debris and stores it in a recovery tank which can be emptied at the end of the cleaning regime.

Result? Spotless and almost instantly dry floors!

What types of floors can a scrubber dryer clean?

Scrubber dryers can wash and dry almost every type of hard surface with the exception of carpet, natural wood flooring or suspended floorings. When choosing a scrubber dryer it is imperative to choose the type of floor on which the machine will be used, the pad type required and water quantity to be used.

You can even wash and dry even the small or confined floor surfaces using a scrubber dryer. It is recommended that you use a purpose built machine to complete such tasks. In fact, there are many reasons to opt for a scrubbing machine rather than go for the traditional mop and bucket system. These include better hygiene, efficiency and eco-friendliness.

The ease of use and cost saving factor

Companies often fear that introducing a new machine will require a lot of time and cost to be spent on training. With modern scrubber dryers, that is not the case. Because their operating systems are easy to use, they require minimal training.

By using a scrubber dryer, you get to automate the floor-cleaning process. This involves:

• A reduction in labour and cleaning times.

• Improved hygiene standards.

• Optimization of your washing operations (in terms of water and detergent).

Choosing the right scrubber dryer for your facility

Here are a few things to consider while choosing the right scrubber dryer for your business:

Size and type of floor being cleaned

Avoid making costly mistakes and evaluate all of the areas that the scrubber dryer could be used in. Choose considered ideal for cleaning large as well as small areas.

Choose a ride-on scrubber drier

As mentioned before, scrubber driers are of two types - walk behind and ride on. The former consumes a lot of manual effort, the latter minimises it. The former is not very maneuverable, the latter is. Hence, ride-on scrubber dryers are considered ideal.

Consider the training

Choose a scrubber dryer which is super easy to use so you won’t have to spend too much time and money training people for it.

Avoid accidents

Look for anti skid wheels in a scrubber dryer. They will ensure safety for your staff.

Don’t compromise on the capacity

A large capacity means that you have hours of interrupted cleaning!


Scrubber dryers should be serviced once a year to ensure efficiency and performance levels. Maintaining these super machines is not difficult at all!

Top benefits

1. They are faster

If you’ve been using the traditional grotty mop and buckets, a scrubber dryer will come as some relief. Using floor scrubbers helps slash the cleaning and dry times to be slashed. Not only does this mean improved productivity, it also means fewer accidents. Besides, they also cover more area due to their wider scrubbing path, meaning it’s great for business owners who want increased productivity.

2. They are far more efficient

Ride on scrubber dryers have a greater solution holding capacity than the classic bucket or a walkbehind cleaner. This means there is barely any wastage of time in refilling and draining the water. Over an eight hour shift, this can reduce the cleaning time by approximately one to two hours. A floor scrubber dryer leads to less employee fatigue as your operators are now riding instead of walking with the cleaning apparatus. Because of this, you will get more done.

3. They are easy to use

Instead of having individual and time consuming scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing processes in place, a scrubber dryer does all three in one go. Besides, these machines are incredibly easy to use. The settings and control panel are simple enough for a layman to understand.

So it’s pretty evident that all the hype surrounding the benefits of using a scrubber dryer in your workplace is true. If your commercial premises witness a lot of footfall, and your flooring frequently looks grubby, then looking for a scrubber dryer is a wise decision for some serious money saving and gleaming floors.