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Mission Green Cleaning


SNG Employment and Facilities Services avail the GREEN CLEANING Certificate as the first and only cleaning services provider in the Middle East!


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November 24, 2022
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Mission Green Cleaning

For more than 20 years, scientists have identified the possible danger our environment will face and how much it is our responsibility to protect our people, animals, and the entire surrounding. Especially since COVID-19, the awareness of a green city has been maximized and the world started to look merely into sustainable and innovative solutions that protect our communities and environment from any harm; a difficult mission that needs courage and consistent efforts. It is everyone’s responsibility to take immediate and transparent actions toward health and sustainability.

In line with UAE Vision 2050

In my role as a servant in the FM industry, I was seeking the best strategy on how to add value to the industry and our communities. The UAE strategy aims to be a zero-emission country by 2050. The carbon footprint is to be reduced by at least 70%. Green areas are to be doubled and tripled. More urban cities, hence a much bigger population with a higher focus on healthcare and education. Indeed, FM plays a key role hereby and we must execute proper actions to support this country to be an example for the entire world.

At SNG Employment and Facilities Services, we have started to look at the statistics and recognized a huge need for real Green Cleaning in the UAE. 10M+ Population, 1200+ Schools, 1.1M+ students, 150+ Hospitals, and 5000+ Health Centres. Alone the city “Of Dubai” provides more than 220 vivid communities and more than 65 Malls that roll over 3 million people. Isn’t it worth Green cleaning? It is crucial to provide a real solution in the cleaning industry that maintains full protection for our people, communities, and environment. We have seen the huge importance of making a major step towards the mission of green clearing in order to support our people and communities.

In cooperation with the Ashkin Group, the US-based company, led by the pioneer and the father of Cleaning, Mr. Stephen Ashkin, we have learned the mainstream and the importance of green cleaning and how to implement it in our industry. We are proud to announce that SNG is the first certified Green Cleaning Service Provider in the Middle East.

UAE enforces sustainability in our approaches and enjoys increasingly having LEED-certified buildings, which shall be yearly evaluated by a strict points system. SNG Employment and Facilities Services aims to support the UAE and its communities by providing sustainable and innovative total facilities management services.  

Green Cleaning is the implementation of fully environmental-friendly cleaning products or services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or standard cleaning products that serve the same purpose. This may consider raw materials, product, manufacturing, packaging, distribution, reuse, operation, maintenance, or disposal of the product or service.” With our Certified Green cleaning, we are using green chemicals that are 100%-free petroleum in comparison to all other cleaning products.  Did you know that non-green cleaning products and chemicals may have a huge impact on health, eyes, skin, and the environment despite their 99.9% germs-killing effectiveness? Our Swab and state-of-the-art testing machines indicate that the remaining 0.01% might contain a number of 400+ germs after cleaning with traditional cleaning products, while we could reach a number of 4 or less after the use of our certified green cleaning chemicals and tools.

About SNG

At SNG Employment and Facilities Services, understanding the needs of customers and the community always comes first. Everything we do must be safe and honest. It is in our DNA to take care of our people, customers, communities, and the environment.

SNG’s stakeholders, owners, and staff enjoy 50 years of experience in many sectors of the FM industry. We want to impact the communities and add value to our customer’s businesses.

With more than 1000 skilled workforces, SNG targets sustainable and technology-driven growth. We understand the country’s vision and want to play a key role by providing footprint-reducing, smart and environmental solutions. We state our vision in line with our Rulers to support the zero-emission strategy.

As the first and only Green Cleaning Certified Facilities Services company in the Middle East by the Ashkin Group, we enjoy ISSA and BICSc memberships, among other international and regional recognitions and certifications. SNG will always be keen to deliver excellent service in line with international standards.

We confidently look forward to realizing our vision and strong support for a sustainable and innovative UAE.

About the author:

Khaldun Aburok is the COO of SNG Employment and Facilities Services, LLC.