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The GCC region has enjoyed continued growth over a decade now and predictions for the future are positive.


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March 19, 2019
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The UK Connect
The GCC region has enjoyed continued growth over a decade now and predictions for the future are positive. Likewise, the cleaning and hygiene market in the region has also evolved rapidly, with the UAE being at the forefront of this growth – driven by rising public sector spending, especially on physical and social infrastructure, as well as increased private sector activity.
Other countries are not far behind as globally recognised cleaning and hygiene brands are looking at GCC as part of their business expansion. The market is becoming increasingly competitive every year with a number of big players from the Europe, USA, and China offering bespoke products and services in the region. This issue, we focus on the UK manufacturers who have already made their presence felt in the region and the innovative products they continue to offer in this market. 

Product profile: Dispensers for soap, paper and chemicals

Matthew Dwelly, Sales Director, Brightwell Dispensers, shares his view on entering the GCC and the kind of offerings they have for this market. He says, “GCC is a dynamic and well-informed market. Businesses are very aware of the current trends and benefits of dispensing solutions. This market sees the advantages of investing in quality products that give them a great return. The GCC countries are an important market for Brightwell Dispensers, and we will continue to grow our business in this region.”

Brightwell Dispensers is a global independent designer and manufacturer of innovative dispensers for soap, paper and chemicals. “Since our creation in 1947, we have set up an everexpanding product portfolio to cover all hygiene and cleaning environments such as away-fromhome washrooms, healthcare and leisure facilities, on-premise and industrial laundries and professional kitchens,” informs Dwelly. The brand has a presence in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Talking about how the brand is working collaboratively with their partners to penetrate the market Dwelly explains that the company’s account managers for this region regularly visit them to offer support with technical training and product information. With the fact that the evergrowing GCC market offers exciting opportunities for businesses and an important market for many global brands, Dwelly avers, “We are excited to continue to grow our business in this region and to provide quality products with reliable service. We are living in rapidly changing times and as a business, it is important to be forward thinking and innovative. We continually invest in and use new technologies to keep ahead of the market.”

Latest launch

 Recently, the brand launched the new Myriad soap and paper dispenser range. This new range gives customers a multitude of soap and dispenser branding and design options. Businesses can choose from an exclusive window design or an exclusive front cover design. Brightwell Dispensers’ in-house design team will create a dispenser design that is unique to a brand.


Sustainable cleaning is all about ensuring processes are efficient by using fewer resources such as material and energy, resulting in minimising waste and carbon emissions. “As an ISO14001:2015 certified company, we have processes in place to ensure that our operations are sustainable. These processes enable us to continually monitor and improve the environmental and social impacts of our activities on the planet and people around us,” concludes Dwelly.

Product profile: Commercial and industrial floorcare machines

Truvox International, a global manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial floorcare machines, entered the GCC markets in the mid-1990s and operates through local distributor partners. The brand has authorised partners for its various product segments viz. hard floor products, soft floor products, and partners with private label offerings. Some of the partners include Intercare, Cleenol Middle-East and Oman International Group. From the production of its first electrical polishing machines in the early 1960s, Truvox has successfully expanded both its product range and geographic reach to a point where it is now recognised globally.

The product ranges that are popular in the Middle East markets include the Multiwash range of scrubber dryers that wash, scrub and dry both hard and soft floors in a single pass. Another popular model is the Orbis Eco range of rotaries. These robust, singledisc rotaries combine exceptional handling and productivity.

Hydromist 55/400 from the Hydromist spray injection extraction range comes equipped with in-line heater combined with variable spray injection up to 400 psi that ensures fast and efficient removal of embedded dirt and stains. Its sister model, the Hydromist 55/100, is the economical option for in-house teams to clean large carpeted areas subject to day-to-day foot traffic, spills and stains. Headquartered in the UK, Truvox is also part of the Tacony Corporation based in the USA, providing it with world-class development facilities, access to an even wider range of product permutations and extensive sourcing options, including manufacture in the UK, USA, China and India. Their latest innovation in conjunction with the USA parent company is VBU – Valet Battery Upright vacuum. This a room vacuum with Lithium-Ion battery technology.

Product profile: Aircare and hygiene products

Vectair Systems is a leading technological innovator, manufacturer and supplier of aircare and hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. Vectair have been delivering sanitary solutions to over 130 countries for 30 years. It is currently operating in all GCC countries, through a network of several partners for over 10 years now. Their new innovative fragrance system has been installed at a major international airport in the UAE, as well as in a number of large hotel chains and groups.

To recognise the regional variances the brand has developed products to suit these variances, such as unique fragrances. Moreover the brand has developed products that are registered to Ecolabel standards (a voluntary method of environmental performance certification), that are recyclable or that have low carbon footprint. Also, the company has developed a product, which is carbon neutral. To overcome language barriers and producing engaging content for their partners, Vectair has created a library of unique 3D videos that are interactive and available on their website.

Product profile: Hygiene and Janitorial products

EcoTech (Europe) with a humble beginning from cutting cloths by hand at the family home, to being one of the largest wet and dry wipe manufacturers in Europe just entered its 22nd year of trading. The company manufactures everything from cleaning cloths to wet wipes, soaps and gels, and more. They have a presence in every country within the GCC, but their distribution network is based out of the UAE, Oman and Qatar only. In the UAE, their partners include EcoLeaf and NEFMS Trading. Besides, the company has collaboratively worked with their network to produce bespoke products for different markets, such as the quat-free surface disinfectants

They have also invested heavily into the research and development of biodegradable materials, dispersible wipes with an overall environmentally responsible approach to cleaning. Their latest launch includes Envirowipe cleaning cloth, which is a 100 per cent natural and compostable cloth, coupled with biodegradable packaging formed from potato starch.