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The Clogging Conundrum


A tissue paper technology that helps clean drains.


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October 14, 2018
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The Clogging Conundrum

Clogging of drainages or sewers is a real challenge especially in the case of public spaces like malls, school toilets, airports, etc. This often leads to flooding, unwanted foul odours and insect infestation. There are plenty of reasons why pipes or sewer systems can get clogged – one of the major ones being tissue papers, which are usually flushed down water closets and eventually block the drainage system. But, what if we told you that tissue paper can help maintain drains and pipes. Let’s go through this field experiment conducted in Italy.

Papernet, the tissue paper brand owned by Sofidel Group, conducted a significant field experiment in collaboration with the City of Peccioli and the Departments of Industrial Chemistry and Biology of the University of Pisa. From October 2016 to March 2017, Bio Tech toilet tissue was provided free of charge to all the families of the municipality of Peccioli, well-known in Italy for its constant attention to all environmental issues. Before, during and after the collaboration period between the municipality of Peccioli and the Sofidel Group, the Department of Industrial Chemistry and Biology of the University of Pisa constantly monitored the water level to demonstrate how regular use of Bio Tech Papernet toilet tissue can help maintain the hygiene of the exhausting systems, with very significant results.

The most important observation made during this period of analysis was a significant reduction of the bacterial charge, particularly the staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is the most dangerous of all common staphylococcal bacteria. According to The MSD Manuals (Merck Manuals in US & Canada) it can cause severe skin, lung, and bone infections, and has recently developed a great resistance to all the popular antibiotics, as it easily forms in hospital and healthcare facilities.

Inspired by the West, Metropolic Paper Industries (MPI) the manufacturer and supplier of tissue paper, offering an ambit of renowned brands such as Uno, Al Madina, Metro, Prima and City has introduced a similar Biologic Active Tissue Paper (BATP®) technology in the UAE market. BATP® technology is derived from an accurate selection of 100 per cent, naturally occurring, non-pathogenic microorganisms that have been specifically chosen for their abilities to degrade target substances. “BATP® is an internationally patented, Made-in-Italy product developed for the paper industry. It is a concentrate aqueous suspension of fiv e spores of the Bacillus strain that have been carefully chosen for their capacity to produce specific enzymes for the degradation of organic substances contained in wastewater that assist in the treatment of septic tanks and wastewater treatment plant,” explains Amer Omarzay, General Manager, Metropolic Paper Industries.

It has a blend of good microorganisms that compose the product wherein five microorganisms are working in synergy to degrade badsmelling organic substances, cellulose and fats contained in drains, pipes, sewages and septic tanks. Besides, it is an environment-friendly, zero-impact product and is considered safe for humans and animals. “BATP® technology can be sprayed on all types of tissue and does not affect the characteristics of the tissue paper nor does it change the colour or softness of the product. Besides, the product has been tested and certified,” adds Omarzay. Further, BATP® which is suitable for any tissue paper, can be sprayed through its dedicated BATP® Spray System, which is supplied by BBA Biotech, designed specifically considering the technical characteristics of the product.

To conclude, MPI, which has also launched campaigns like the Waste Buyback Initiative, invested around 70 million AED in its manufacturing facilities and one-of-its-kind machinery for facial tissue manufacturing and more. The introduction of BAPT® in the UAE region will definitely revolutionise the current tissue market. The company is already working closely with renowned hospitality groups and airports.

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