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Making Floor Cleaning Seamless


The hospitality industry is expected to offer seamless services to its guests – right from the time of their arrival to departure.


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August 7, 2018
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Making Floor Cleaning Seamless

When it comes to cleaning and hygiene, visibly clean flooring is a prerequisite. The challenge is ensuring that the cleaning operation itself is not only effective but efficient and discreet. Gordon McVean, Sales & Marketing Director at Truvox International, explains how cordless equipment can be of great help.

From foyer to bedroom, poolside to lounge, presenting a consistently pristine appearance to guests is a daunting challenge. Not only must the cleaning team clean a variety of spaces and floors efficiently, they often have to perform under the discerning eye of the customer. So whether it’s vacuuming the hotel corridors or clearing the spillages in the restaurant or bar, it requires absolute professional cleaning.

The challenge of flooring variety

On the other hand, the delivery has to be cost-effective, too. Fortunately, technological advances, not least in battery-powered equipment, are helping to improve the cleaning services in the hospitality sector. In hotels, there is often a wide variety of flooring seen at every level. Tiles at the poolside, marble in foyers, wooden dance floors and dining rooms, rubber and safety flooring on stages and other areas are just some of the surfaces to be maintained.

“We find that for many clients in the hospitality sector, it comes down to versatility. They tend to find that the most efficient set-up is to exploit the abilities of a modern scrubber dryer to mop, wash, scrub and dry all of these floors in one pass. This is true for other surfaces, too, including concrete, terrazzo, slate, stone and composite vinyl,” says McVean.

With a simple brush change, some scrubber dryers – such as the Multiwash – can even maintain low-pile carpets, entrance matting and escalators. The gains in cleanliness and efficiency are clear, and most stark when compared with hand-mopping, which still persists, especially in washrooms and kitchens. Mopping is laborious as well as ineffective, causes greater disruption to building users, and poses a slip risk on damp floors. In contrast, a scrubber dryer can apply sufficient pressure to clean thoroughly in grout lines and other crevices, achieving reliably high-standards of hygiene. A clean solution covers the floor, as the scrubber dryer’s brush action propels the contaminated liquid into a holding tank. The efficiency of the process reduces the volume of solution required dramatically, saving water and chemical consumption as well as time and labour costs.

Long operating hours

In an environment where cleaning and maintaining spaces goes round the clock, the hospitality industry is always striving to meet the standards. In this sector, guests’ sensibilities have to be considered day and night. In either scenario there’s a strong case for going cordless. The latest cordless scrubber dryers available go quietly about their work without compromising cleaning power or productivity. For example, the Multiwash 340/Pump Battery model cleans up to 350m2 per hour and has a run time of 50 minutes. If necessary, operating time is easily extended with quick-switch batteries. These cordless scrubbers also avoid the trip risk from trailing cables as well as the time taken to switch between the power sockets.

The other mainstay of daily cleaning is vacuuming – especially where there are plush carpets and rugs to create a sense of comfort – often performed with upright and tub machines. “Until recently, cordless vacuuming was not possible with commercial uprights. The awardwinning Valet Battery Upright (VBU) is an industry first,” informs McVean. This machine is lightweight (weighing 5 kg) yet packs the power to deliver pristine cleaning results, with excellent pick-up of dust and other dirt. Without the hassle of a trailing cable, the VBU is ideal for daytime cleaning around customers. A self-adjusting cleaning head allows the vacuum to float evenly over all flooring surfaces. The brush comes with an edge-cleaning feature for better vacuuming in the case of walls and furniture.

“Seamless vacuuming operation helps staff do their job more easily and quickly. The VBU can lie flat and still vacuum effectively under beds and furniture. So high productivity – around 265 square metres per hour – can be achieved and sustained with ease,” adds McVean. A lithium ion battery provides more than 50 minutes of runtime, and fully re-charges in 2.5 hours. This 43.8V battery supplies some 312W of vacuum motor power for a brush speed of 3,000rpm. A battery level indicator lets the operator know when re-charging will be required.

High filtration is provided by a HEPA 13 media bag, and a clever design feature ensures dust does not escape when the bag is being changed. As the bag is withdrawn from the machine it closes automatically, so the operator and guests can breathe easily.

Adapting to these new technologies will definitely add value to the cleaning process in the heavily demanding hospitality industry.