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For Safe Sanitation


By Dmitry Anisimov, Chief Business Development Officer and Member of the Managing Board, SterilOx 


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January 22, 2019
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For Safe Sanitation
Hospitality is one of the most demanding and challenging industries when it comes to comfort and cleanliness. Hotels and resorts are constantly striving to live up to their patrons’ expectations. As a hotel guest you expect your room and the facilities on offer to be visually clean. The key word is ‘visually’. Visual cleanliness doesn’t actually mean that the rooms are free from microbes or viruses. According to our research and statistics, an average hotel room A/C duct may have around 2,000 different kinds of fungi due to highly warm and humid conditions. Some of the most common fungi found were Aspergillus, Penicillium, Alternaria and Fusarium, all of which are common mould-producing agents. They can cause infections in people and pets with weakened immune systems while emanating an unpleasant odour; the most common bacteria found are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus, which may cause food poisoning, skin infections, fever, etc. Big quantity of spores, mould and fungi may cause blockages and leakages in the duct systems, too.

A case study

I would like to share a case study of an impressive spa center located in one of the five-star hotels in this region. While we were testing the bench surface with our device, which looked tidy, to our surprise it indicated 9,800 RLU, which is an extreme range. The standard range for a food grade surface ranges from 0-30 RLU and an acceptable range for public place surfaces is up to 100 RLU. An average garbage transporter indicates 2,700 RLU. Now imagine that spa was three times dirtier than a garbage container. Usually spa rooms are warm and humid in nature and if you look at the beautiful ambience these spas own - it tends to make them look clean. Besides, the cleaning process involved washing with water or some basic disinfectants making room for dangerous microbiology growth.

We spent our 30 minutes by spraying and fogging our SterilOx solution and reduced the number from 9,800 RLU to 600 RLU and after the second session – from 600 RLU to 31 RLU and gradually to 0 RLU. During this process we realised that the most important aspect of our business is to focus on customer education and to enlighten them on the importance of correct and harmless sanitation.

How does it work?

SterilOx is a result of a correlation of electrical voltages, chemical reactions and mutual conversion of chemical and electrical energy, based on a technology first invented in Russia. From a scientific point of view, SterilOx is an electrochemically activated aqueous solution. In simple words, it is a combination of special electrical treatment of water and Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which itself is one of the most effective natural agents for fighting harmful microorganisms. It is a natural and eco-friendly sterilizer and deodorant.

Having said that it is a sterilizer, we lay special emphasis on the fact that it is stronger than just disinfectant and sanitizer and has wide range of usages. It kills bacteria and viruses, removes biofilm and all fungi. At the same time, it eliminates bad odours of any nature, starting from biofilm and mould to smoke of cigarettes. It means that you can simplify your supply chain and operations, using one product for multiple purposes, at the same time it is completely safe for your work environment. This solution is suitable for industries like FM, waste management, water treatment, HORECA, public and private transport, poultry farming, flower trading, food production and processing and healthcare.

Basically, SterilOx creates a hostile environment where all these microbes and viruses cannot survive and consequently multiply. That is why our product has prolonged action. The question is why should the customer choose SterilOx instead of habitual solutions?

The various kinds of disinfectants and sanitizers available in the market are mainly based on pine oil, alcohol, iodine, sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium compounds, acetic acid etc. These disinfectants and sanitizers are effective to some extent and within a certain spectrum. However, most of them are either toxic or irritating or corrosive or all of the aforementioned. Another problem is microorganisms becoming resistant to these solutions. In such circumstances SterilOx stands out because of its pH neutral, non-irritating, non-staining properties. It is a non-rinse solution, and you don’t have to use gloves or masks while using it.

Moreover, we solve both problems – contamination and the odour. Most common sources of the bad odours in a hotel rooms are biofilm in water/sewage pipes, cigarette smoke and fungi inside or around the A/C duct. It has been observed that smoking cigarette in an enclosed room leads to the smoke settling down on soft surfaces like carpets resulting in spreading odour/foul smells in the room.

This is where SterilOx is most effective when used with ‘cold foggers’. There are also hot steam machines available, but we do not recommend them with our products, as hot steam reduces the effectiveness of the product to some extent. The fogging session of one room may take up to 15-20 minutes and consume approximately 500-750 ml of SterilOx.

To clean the mould around AC ducts we recommend spraying 100 per cent concentrated SterilOx directly to the trouble spot with an exposition time of 5 to 7 minutes. Once, it is dried the mould will start shrinking and the only thing you will have to do is just physically remove the dead spores with a brush. For removal of biofilm from pipes, depending on the thickness of the film, we recommend adding 1:1000 litre of the product to the water tanks. You will see the clear results within a week or even less. The beauty of the product is its prolonged action, i.e. it prevents the microorganisms from emerging again. For maintenance we recommend using SterilOx diluted up to 1:10, 1:20 depending on the frequency.

Lastly, we always practice scientific approach, which is important for our research and development. At every product presentation or demonstration and/or client visit, our team checks the level of contamination of the surfaces and/or liquids by means of the ATP Meter by Hygiena System Sure Plus. It enables us to do a ‘before and after’ comparison. The device indicates the level of contamination on the surface and of the liquids. This is actually the only way to make an express-test on the spot.

Talking sustainability and the future

The word ‘sustainability’ is so trendy nowadays, that sometimes it is even misused. I would like to remind once again that ‘sustainable’ is the thing which meets the present needs without posing a harm to the future generations. In simple words, we have to maintain the present level of development and save it for future generations.

The UAE has been opening numerous doors for businesses and creating a comfortable environment. So, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. Competition is tough. But what I can see as a CBDO is that it’s definitely not enough to be cost-effective. Leaders of the race are the companies able to maintain highest standards of customer care and after sales services. Even a good product may become an outsider within its rivals, if it is not timely supported with proper equipment and trainings. We pay much attention to it. For various purposes SterilOx is used in the form of cold fog, so our foggers, sprayers, dispensers are always available to make customer’s life easier.

We found our niche and we are feeling comfortable in it. As far as our plans in this region are concerned, our focus is to tap the big car rental companies, public transport, fitness clubs, facilities management and food production plants and farms. As a second step, we have already started preparing to enter the retail market. Hopefully, you will soon find SterilOx on the shelves of supermarkets and petshops as well as on the region’s biggest online platforms.