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Adapting IoT-based technologies has a significant impact on FM operations


New facts show measurable impact from the Internet of Things on cleaning operations


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June 20, 2018
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Adapting IoT-based technologies has a significant impact on FM operations

The facility services and cleaning industry is looking to seize new opportunities from new technology. But where to start, and what will be the actual effect? New studies of Tork EasyCube®, the world’s leading facility management software for data-driven cleaning, provides answers – for example at least 20 per cent hours saved through data-driven cleaning and fully replenished dispensers on average 99 percent of the time. The global cleaning services market has a great economic importance, expected to reach $74 billion in revenue by 2022, growing 6.2 percent on average each year. However, the industry is also facing evident challenges, such as low profit margins, high staff turnover and frequent customer churn. It is estimated that the average cleaning company loses up to 55 percent of its total customer base every year. As the Internet of Things starts to impact a variety of industries, the cleaning industry also looks for new opportunities and new ways of working.

Tork EasyCube is a globally leading facility management software for data-driven cleaning. Sensors in facilities measure visitor traffic and refill levels, and translate that into real-time information about cleaning needs. This allows facility managers and cleaning teams to work proactively and do exactly what’s needed, when and where it's needed – even in complex high-traffic facilities.

Unlike other solutions that are still in beta mode, Tork EasyCube currently has more than 100 customers – across high-traffic venues ranging from amusement parks and shopping malls to airports and office buildings – all working with data-driven cleaning enabled by the real-time information from Tork EasyCube. Studies that follow up on the measurable impact’ show double-digit effects on factors such as operational efficiency and quality of cleaning.

The results:

- 24% fewer cleaning rounds with quality improved
- At least 20% hours saved through data-driven cleaning
- Fully replenished dispensers on average 99% of the time

“One of the toughest cleaning challenges known to the industry is handling complex facilities, such as big pressure from serving hightraffic environments. Technology in itself cannot create new processes, but getting access to real-time data and new kinds of insights makes it possible to work in completely new and smarter ways. It’s a paradigm shift in the cleaning industry, and now we can prove the value,” says Anna Königson Koopmans, European Marketing Manager for Tork Solutions.

The studies also show that with traditional cleaning, on average 89 percent of dispenser checks are unnecessary. Microsoft understands the importance of keeping data clean especially given the constant growth around Internet of Things. “As a company today, you cannot afford to miss out on the Internet of Things. Ignoring it would mean saying no to valuable insights at times when customer demands and the competition are only increasing”, said Corine Schep, EMEA Director for Data, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and IoT at Microsoft.

Case Study

A 22,000 sq. m. sports facility in Umeå, Sweden has implemented Tork EasyCube™, which connects 300 dispensers every day. When providing athletic training of the highest quality to one million visitors per year, every detail matters. That’s why the largest sports complex in the Nordics, IKSU, chose to make their washrooms intelligent by installing Tork EasyCube™.

“We continuously analyse customer feedback, and noticed that cleaning came up from time to time as an issue. We occasionally had trouble cleaning the showers and refilling soap and paper on time, especially in the evenings when visits peak” said Bo Andersson, Property Manager and Head of Facility Management. The size of the facilities meant that IKSU’s partner NMV, was already doing up to 64 hours of cleaning per day, so they implemented Tork EasyCube™ connecting 300 dispensers throughout the facility.“Before, only one in four dispenser controls actually led to a refill. The routine was repetitive, but now I know exactly what’s needed by just looking at my tablet attached to my cleaning trolley” said André Söderberg, NMV cleaner at IKSU.

Need based cleaning gives an immediate overview and troubleshooting at your fingertips has enabled cleaners to spend more time on tasks that immediately improve overall cleanliness and quality. No time wasted also makes it easier to finish tasks on time. Results have been clear – complaints about empty dispensers have been completely eliminated and customers are happy with the cleaning at IKSU. And, with insights from the Tork EasyCube™ system, the management team has been able to make new decisions with long-term impact on IKSU’s business, including charting and comparing monthly needs to more efficiently allocate resources over the year.