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Product Review: CFC Tapiro Beach Cleaning Machine


With thousands of people visiting the beaches every day, beach pollution is inevitable.


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Product Review: CFC Tapiro Beach Cleaning Machine

It is something we can no longer ignore. Our beaches need to be cleaned and disinfected for providing a pleasant experience to the people, saving marine life and the economy. However, this is rather unachievable if you don’t have the machinery in place. Beach cleaning comes with its own set of challenges, and the right machine can help overcome these with ease.

Product Review: Tapiro CFC

Tapiro CFC is a product by Fiorentini Middle East, which has the power to clean, sanitize, disinfect and level the sand. With multifunctionality rooted in its core, the beach cleaning machine proves to be a boon for public beaches, private beaches or resort owned beaches as it saves them from the need to invest in multiple machines.

Here is what makes it a must-have:


Tapiro CFC is a multi-tasking machine. This feature makes it an economic choice. It is designed keeping in mind the various activities of a beach cleaning regime and has the potential to cater to all of them.

Multitasking add-ons
A customer has the option to add extra functionalities to the Tapiro CFC. These include:

  • Pitchforks for pallet lifting.
  • A bucket for moving sand.
  • Front and back rakes for collecting seaweeds.
  • Compact shovel to level the sand.
  • A sanitiser and hydro cleaner to achieve optimum cleaning and sanitization.
  • An arm excavator for all the small excavations.
  • A drill to manage beach umbrellas placement.
  • A harrow ripper to soften sand

Intelligent design

CFC Tapiro takes even the minute requirements of beach cleaning into consideration. For instance, it operates by truck rather than wheels. This ensures it does not get stuck in the sand. Other than that, the cleaning system of CFC Tapiro is unique. It has a vibration system that enables a user to change the capacity of the filter from small to medium to large. This in turn removes even the tiniest pollutants from the sand - cigarette butts, shells, stones of any size, etc. Talking about intelligent designing, the beach cleaning machine works in dry and wet sand.



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