Healing the Environment


One of the founding stones of Hygiene Tech was the everlasting commitment of the pursuit of reliable and safe products in the world of hygiene and cleaning.


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September 19, 2021
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Healing the Environment

Planet earth is suffering from the daily wrongful practices against it and the misuse of natural resources.  Day by day, we reach the inevitable reality that if we do not take care of our planet, we will be facing severe consequences. The most known problems so far are global warming and the ozone layer depletion; however, we have more dramatic matters evolving as well because of our cleaning habits and methods, such as: water pollution, air pollution and animal planet endangerment. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are affecting our ecosystem in a very negative way, and it is time to act.

One of the founding stones of Hygiene Tech was the everlasting commitment to pursue reliable and safe products in the world of hygiene and cleaning. This core principle led to partnership with manufacturers who value the same and are in constant research for the best products and methods to keep our environment safe.

Hygiene Tech Green range includes washrooms hygiene,  air care as well as cleaning machineries.

Vectair systems, UK, has the most effective and “Green Apple” award winner product in its range. Vase, P-screen and V-Fresh are the most passive, air activated air care systems that produce micro nano particles of fragrance that are not in need of VOC to spread keeping nature safe and the washrooms clean.

Streamline, UK, is one of the leading heavy duty cleaning machineries manufacturers who have as well pledged passive technology usage in their cleaning innovation ideas. Their technology of “Pure Water” cleaning eliminates the use of chemicals and the unnecessary water waste through depending on the power of the pure water to clean and maintain the surfaces for a longer period; hence, eliminating the use of chemicals, water spillage and reducing manpower.

TPA is an Italian and German combined technology in the world of Green and passive cleaning. The invention of the blue Evolution S+ steam machine has revolutionized the world of cleaning. Not only does the machine not require any chemical and works on all required surfaces and tasks, but also is HASSAB approved and has an ultraviolet recovery tank light to render the whole process of cleaning green. The Blue Evolution S+ is a machine that could be used in all kinds of industries especially through its constant and stable 170 degree of dry steam.

Duplex 420 steam is an Italian floor care cleaning machine that takes care of all kinds of surfaces and stubborn stains. Duplex 420 steam machine is ideal for grout cleaning as well as carpet rejuvenating. Thanks to the 110 degrees of steam and the water flow control, Duplex 420 steam can disinfect and clean any surface leaving it bacteria free and dry.

Finally, our newest revolutionary introduction to the world of green cleaning and environmentally friendly is Lionsbot robots from Singapore. One of our new range of Lionsbot robots is Leomop. He is an extremely eco-friendly Robot that consumes 0.6L of water per hour and can run for 10 hours after 3 hours charging cycle. Leomop is completely silent and comes with an extra pouch for sanitizing and disinfecting