Next generation laundry solutions with Speed Clean


What do laundry owners look for while picking the right equipment or solution for their business?


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October 16, 2019
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Next generation laundry solutions with Speed Clean

Reducing downtime, improving efficiency, containing costs and increasing profitability are just some of the elements that are taken into consideration. And enabling major laundries achieve this over the years in this region is Alliance Laundry Systems, a global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries, and on-premises laundries. Talking about the Middle East and African (MEA) laundry market, Tim Bacon, Sales Director Middle East & Africa, Alliance Laundry Systems, says that MEA region is now ready for the next step in the laundry technology – resulting in the launch of Speed Queen’s ‘Quantum Touch’ & ‘Speed Queen Insights’.

“It is clear that today’s laundry customer is more sophisticated and expects an elevated laundry experience. The integration of technology solutions provides the ability to simplify and enhance the laundry experience,” said Bacon. “With the introduction of ‘Quantum Touch’ & ‘Speed Queen Insight’, Speed Queen remains at the forefront of technology, providing fully integrated solutions that lead the industry.”

Touchscreen Control

Speed Queen, the global leader in vended laundry, launched ‘Quantum Touch’, a next-generation touchscreen control platform that will raise the customer experience to new levels. The new control, offered on vended washer-extractors and tumble dryers, also brings a variety of advanced functionalities to increase profitability and return on investment.

The ‘Quantum Touch’ washer-extractors and tumble dryers feature upgraded aesthetics that give owners a premium look to differentiate their store. With ‘Quantum Touch’, owners also offer customers one of the most intuitive controls in the industry, one that includes a variety of functions users’ value, such as:

• A number of cycle options with descriptions, so users can tailor cycles

• Cycle modifier prompts with descriptions, to make it simple to get the desired wash cycle

• 30 language options, so users are always clear on how to operate units (no more in-store signage to clutter walls)

• 7-inch and 5-inch full colour touchscreens, present a cutting-edge image

• Clean step-by-step instructions to simplify operation

Gaining Insights

Another unique & innovative offering from Speed Queen is the ‘Speed Queen Insights’, a nextgeneration technology platform, and mobile payment app. This innovation will not only change the way vended laundries are managed but elevate the customer experience to new levels of convenience. “Speed Queen Insights brings features and functionalities to the industry that will change how laundries are managed and how customers interact with them,” said Tim Bacon, Sales Director Middle East & Africa for Alliance Laundry Systems. “With the introduction of this system, Speed Queen remains at the forefront of technology in the vended laundry industry.”

A cloud-based laundry management platform, Speed Queen Insights gives laundry owners access to unparalleled data on operations (for single, multiple or all locations) and integrates payment transactions into one unified portal.

Owners can: 

• See store performance data

• Accept mobile, cash and coin payments

• Offer remote, mobile wallet refunds

• Provide store loyalty programs

• Receive machine error alerts

• Program machines

• Set time-of-day pricing

• Adjust water levels

For more information on ‘Quantum Touch’ or ‘Speed Queen Insights’, visit