Hotel Laundries - Guide to Optimize Them


There are plenty of compelling reasons why hotels keep their laundry solutions in-house.


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August 26, 2020
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Hotel Laundries - Guide to Optimize Them

Keeping the bed sheets, towels, and various linens clean, ready to be used is a non-stop process, so naturally every hotel would want to do their best to minimize their expenditure and at the same time optimize the department for maximum performance.

So from conserving precious resources, labour, and cutting down on expenses are the essential tips you need to implement across the board. In this edition of Laundry Talks we put together a simple guide that can help your hotel laundry reach its optimal level.

Regular maintenance of equipment

Because of their constant use and strain, laundry appliances and subsequent equipment such as the ironer and the garment steamer are prone to regular breakdowns, subpar performance due to wear and tear, and other costly problems.

Benjamin Franklin’s wise words – “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – has stood the test of time. Preventive measures taken to ensure the longevity of a hotel’s laundry equipment are essential when overall guest satisfaction depends on an efficient and thorough laundry operation. Machines must be maintained to produce the best wash and dry of linens and extend the life of the equipment.

Train your staff properly

Training staff on how to properly use that equipment and understand its benefits helps a hotel run as efficiently as possible. For a streamlined approach to employee training, hotels are encouraged to outline benchmarks, operational standards, procedures, and checklists. Having such measures and resources in place allows hotels to swiftly educate new employees. Procedures to consider include weighing linens before washing to see if more towels can be added to reach maximum capacity, paying attention when selecting settings and cycles on manual machines and making sure there is a comprehensive understanding of machines with advanced controls.

Take advantage of technology

Embracing technology can r eap benefits for small hotel laundries. Modern technological advances can equip the laundry department with time and labour efficiency as the team can get twice as much done in half the time. There are many solutions out there in the market, including folding machines where employees won't have to lose precious time and energy on presorting them before folding.


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