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Hygiene in Dubai Salons


The Dubai Municipality places much emphasis on maintaining optimum hygiene in beauty salons. From medical tests for salon staff to UV sterilization, there are strong regulations for pretty much everything. Here’s listing a few!


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Infection Control
January 23, 2020
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Hygiene in Dubai Salons

An annual medical test should be done for the salon staff in Dubai Municipality.  Wearing light-colored uniforms (preferably with long sleeves), and dark-colored uniforms for hair coloring. Each employee must have (3) uniforms and they should wear it during the work hours & keep it clean.Personal hygiene of the staff should be maintained(cutting nails, not wearing metal jewelry, wearing appropriate footwear that covers the entire foot, cleanliness of hair and clothes, avoiding smoking and cleaning the mouth from smoking odours).

Employees must wash, clean and disinfect their hands after serving each customer. Unhygienic and inappropriate practices are not allowed in salon premises. Avoid dealing with skin diseases in customers, treating acne and pimples or providing any medical advice or remedies or something like that.

Gloves must be worn when providing hair coloring service. The employee must avoid dealing with any customer if he suffers from respiratory disease, infectious disease, presence of open sores/wounds or skin infections. Masks must be worn when providing the service. Suitable ventilation & lighting should be available. Tools must be cleaned mechanically after each customer by washing them with warm water and brush as a first stage in preparation for sterilization.

Disinfectant solution must be provided in which used tools must be fully dipped in. UV light sterilization machine must be provided for hair tools (1 for each 3 chairs) and maintained clean. Tools must be kept inside the machine after cleaning, disinfecting and drying them. Use clean and sterilized hair brushes that are kept in clean and suitable drawers and it must be separated from not cleaned tools. It is not allowed to re-use brushes among customers unless washed and sterilized properly. Non-metal nail care tools and face sponges must be disposable and packaged well. It is not allowed to re-use them for other customers, and must be properly disposed after use.

Cleaning and disinfecting sitting and servicing areas, floors, surfaces, corners, sauna and steam rooms, as well as cabinets, shelves, drawers, curtains and toilets. Disposable wooden sticks must be used for waxing, and it is not allowed to double dip the stick in the waxing container or use it for other customers. A poster for “No double dipping” must be provided. In case of using the roller wax, the inner container must be changed for each customer. Disposable bed sheets must be provided and changed after each customer in service area.

All facial machines must be maintained clean and disinfected, and the water must be changed periodically. The water bowl of the machine must be made of glass to ensure the purity of water continuously, and the internal heater must be made of rust proof material. Needed amount of cosmetic should be taken from the main container into a clean and disinfected bowel using disposable spatulas to be used. It is not allowed to use the product directly from its container.

It is not allowed to re-immerse hands and feet in paraffin wax and an illustrating sign  must be provided in all designated areas in the salon. High-quality disposable tools must be provided from reliable sources. Disposable facial towels must be provided and it must be discarded properly after each customer.