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Fine solutions steers world-class coronavirus preventive awareness campaign


As a regional leader in the Wellness and Hygiene space, we believe in leaving a mark on the communities where we operate, aiming to actively improve wellness, hygiene, and wellbeing.


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February 23, 2020
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Fine solutions steers world-class coronavirus preventive awareness campaign

In response to the confirmation of the Coronavirus, our commitment, and propensity to innovate one-of-a kind hygiene solutions, resulted in the introduction of Fine Guard, the world’s best face-mask, designed specifically to kill viruses and bacteria, for the safety of our customers and the general public.

Winning the “Sterilized Brand of the Decade Award” in 2020 by the Family Hygiene Institute (FHI), demonstrates the enormous efforts and the serious steps we have taken to provide the world with sterilized paper hygiene products with our patented sterilization process technology, SteriPro,” said Nedal Zatari, Fine Solutions Chief Officer.

“Building strategic alliances with both the Medical Wellness Association (MWA) and FHI has given us the competence to shape our medically-verified preparedness following the declaration of a confirmed outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China that has now spread to other countries. Our regional presence has aided the circulation of the preventive awareness campaign by spreading, installing, and explaining the instructional signs of the 8 leading tips to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection in clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, companies, schools, and even hundreds of thousands of shopping places,” stated Ahmed Soliman, the Regional Marketing Manager.

Apart from the preventive awareness initiatives that are still taking place across the region, I am impressed by the level of acceptance from our respective customers in the UAE who lent a hand to engage with their employees as well as their clients and install instructional signs,” commented Seifeddine Beldi, Fine Solutions UAE Country Manager.

About Sterilized Brand of the Decade Award

The prestigious Sterilized Brand of the Decade Award was presented to Fine Hygienic Holding in recognition of its unique sterilization technology through which it manufactures the only sterilized tissue in the world. Fine’s patented SteriPro technology ensures a fully sterile and hygienic production environment, guaranteeing that the first hand to touch the product is the consumer’s, and reducing the risk of exposure to germs and viruses which cause sickness.

The patented technology utilizes ultraviolet light in the form of vertical waves to destroy bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, producing a 99% sanitized product. This precision and consistency is what has made Fine such a trusted brand throughout all its markets, and vindicates the FHI’s decision to present them with this award.