Housekeeping Software Technology


A 2016 report suggested that 61 per cent of housekeepers in the region do not use relevant software for their day-today operations.


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February 26, 2017
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Housekeeping Software Technology
A 2016 report suggested that 61 per cent of housekeepers in the region do not use relevant software for their day-today operations. However, the housekeepers that do use software find that it is convenient, faster, more cost-effective and greener. Infoscape talks about one of the most soughtafter softwares by the housekeeping industry – HotSOS. 

The importance of software

Housekeeping software is important due to the following reasons:

  • Escalating operating costs due to factors like increased energy prices, higher insurance, expensive labour and maintaining brand standards to remain competitive.
  • Evolving customer expectations: Satisfying the sophisticated needs of guests has always remained the priority of the hospitality industry.
  • Accelerating change and merging of technologies: The investment required to upgrade is significant, but the full benefits of this change cannot be realised without it.
  • Renovation and construction of the property: Improving and upgrading the physical condition of hotels and maintaining the brand standards results in escalating capital investments.

All these factors become a burden on revenue management team, HotSOS Housekeeping (REX) helps reduce this burden by increasing the efficiency of hospitality operations.

About HotSOS Housekeeping

Formerly known as Rex, HotSOS Housekeeping is a great tool for streamlining room assignments and conveying guest preferences to the staff. It helps maintain efficiency by producing real time status progress and this is available on any smartphone. HotSOS Housekeeping is a cloud-based solution that automates housekeeping daily operations resulting in reduced check-in wait times and increased guest satisfaction. In 2015, HotSOS Housekeeping saved hotels $116 per guestroom by prioritising the process of guestroom cleaning, digitising the guestroom inspection process and mobilizing the management of the department virtually.

Using software to the optimum

Hoteliers cannot afford checking guests into dirty rooms or lacking inventory of clean rooms for arriving guests. Today, more than ever, the guest arrival experience needs to be executed flawlessly and customised to each guest’s preferences and requests. Housekeepers must get rid of paper-based operations and introduce automations to the housekeeping department.

Hotel companies often delay check-in times and shorten check-out times due to a shortage in clean guestroom inventory. Amongst all the problems experienced by guests, ‘room not clean’ has the greatest negative impact on guest satisfaction scores.

Pros and cons of using software

Many people are apprehensive about using software and technology. And there are definitely more pros than cons for using any software. HotSOS Housekeeping seamlessly integrates into operations. It helps improve workflow and as well as manages personnel. Below are some of the areas addressed:

1. Reduces waiting time – by optimising the best use of resources, it ensures that wait times are negligible even when the property is operating at full capacity.

2. Virtually manages room prioritization based on daily business needs. Enables reporting of guestroom deficiencies and guest requests on the go.

3. Allows staff to connect and manage their department from anywhere, on any device.

4. Analyzes data to measure and evaluate RA productivity, guestroom cleaning trends and forecast future business

5. Integrates with the PMS system for automatic updates on room statuses, guest preferences, and room rushes

6. Manages evaluation of housekeeping staff to better understand training requirements.

About the Author:

Akhil Biju is the Sales Manager – MEA for Infoscape Technologies (InfoScape). InfoScape is a niche value-added Partner & Distributor of software solutions in the Hospitality Industry. With a highly experienced team of Hospitality technology professionals, InfoScape provides best of breed products and services to the Hospitality industry in the Middle East and African region.