A Housekeeper's Delight


Why does One & Only Resorts, Dubai, prefer to use the MotorScrubber?


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February 7, 2017
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A Housekeeper's Delight

There are very few machines that can clean effectively in tight and difficult-to reach spaces. Often, cleaning operatives are found manually brushing or scrubbing the floors and walls of the washroom or removing a stain from a carpet. Not only does this take time and labour but also increases the cost of maintenance. When Larisa Vasilyeva, Executive Housekeeper, One & Only The Palm , Dubai; One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai, visited the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week 2016, she came across Excel International Middle East demonstrating a new product – the MotorScrubber.

About the machine

Renoy George, General Manager, Excel International, says, “The MotorScrubber is a portable multi-faceted machine that can be used for fine detailing of areas that are difficult to access with bigger machines. The machine is extremely lightweight and weighs only 2 kg (4.5 kg including the harness) coupled with a high torque motor; it can conveniently be used to clean both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Moreover, the product’s motor is 100 per cent waterproof enabling it to be used underwater.”

The MotorScrubber has a wide range of attachments for different applications all customised to suit the 8-inch diameter of the machine. It has different types of brushes ranging from delicate to aggressive and a flag-tipped long brush, which can be used for dusting AC vents, etc.; different types of pads for polishing and crystallisation of marble floors and countertops; and a microfiber pad for cleaning of mirrors. It can also be used for spot cleaning on carpets. It works on a 12 V battery with a runtime of 4 hours. The battery is in a backpack that the user can wear, and it is connected to the main machine with a long, adjustable handle.

Using it at One & Only

The idea that the MotorScrubber can reach hard to access places and reduces manual labour was what attracted Vasilyeva the most. Add to that the multi-purpose functionality of the product and she was determined to have a demonstration at her property. The Excel and MotorScrubber team visited One & Only Royal Mirage and demonstrated how the machine can work on the mosaic paneled washroom walls and floors and as a marble polishing machine.

“When I presented the proposal to buy the MotorScrubber machines to my General Manager, he was thrilled with its effects, quality cleaning and time saving properties. We now use several MotorScrubbers at One and Only Royal Mirage and One and Only Palace,” says Vasilyeva. “We have also successfully tried to clean the deck floor and plastic furniture, spa and Hammam and even the kitchens in our regular cleaning activities with this machine.” 

One of the major problems for hotels is cleaning the finer details in their rooms – like the washroom walls, etc. that usually have fine filigree work or mosaic tiling. As Renoy says, regular sweeping or mopping probably removes just about 30 to 40 per cent of soil residue lodged in tiles and grout. Irrespective of the material used, there is a limit to how much dirt can be dislodged. However, due to the high torque motor of the MotorScrubber, the soiling below the surface also gets cleaned – leaving the tiles cleaner, and more hygienic with less manual labour and time. Vasilyeva adds, “This also reduces our cost considering that the grout is regularly cleaned and therefore, we need not refill the grouting as often as we normally do.”

Maintenance and service

Vasilyeva says, “MotorScrubber is a low-maintenance machine. After every cleaning, we wash the brushes and wipe down the machine following the standard operating procedure. The scrubbing pads are used till they wear out and must be replaced.” George adds, “Only machines that are regularly submerged in water require regular checks to ensure that the seals are intact.” Excel International Middle East provides regular service and maintains stock of all spares and accessories.

The future of the MotorScrubber is bright with the company on the verge of introducing The MotorScrubber Jet, which adds the chemical dispensation function to the current MotorScrubber. They will also be launching the MotorScrubber Handy, which is a highly compact hand held unit for cleaning of really tight spaces.