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Importance of certification in the cleaning business


Cleaning businesses across the world focus on equipment, solutions, technologies and so much more.


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December 17, 2019
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Importance of certification in the cleaning business

They are obsessed with winning contracts and maintaining their profit margins. But, how often have you come across a cleaning business that emphasises as much on certifications as profits. The fact is that trainings and certifications are conveniently overlooked by cleaning businesses. 

Here are the top reasons why it should be quite the opposite:

Improve your brand offering

Clients would anyday choose a certified cleaning contractor rather than an uncertified one. The former is easy to trust, the latter is more of a risk. The former guarantees good performance and demonstrated skills; the latter does not. So, which category would you prefer falling in?

Boost your profit margins

You must have come across many cleaning businesses that compromise on their profit margins in order to appeal to the clients. But, what if you were told that clients will happily pay you more if you obtain a certification? For a discerning buyer, your certification means that you are a professional, you know the industry well and are prepared to help them.

In fact, they will choose you over an uncertified business, which offers them services at a lesser price because of the VALUE a certification has given you. 

Gain better efficiency

Once you are trained and certified, ALL your business practices will fall into place. ALL your operations will be more streamlined than what they were before. You might think that you are highly standardised already, but when you look under the hood, you’ll always find scope for improvement. Proper training ensures that you identify those loopholes, and a certification guarantees that you know how to overcome them. 

Remain ahead of the competition

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Imagine having a contractor without any industry certification and another boasting of a proper one. Which one would you choose? The answer itself highlights how your certification keeps you soaring above the competition. 

Enjoy better employee productivity

Certification also implies that your employees are better trained and skilled to perform their day to day jobs. With better training and a fresh perspective, they perform better. This in turn leads to happy customers and improved retention rates. 

A certification can ideally address all woes of cleaning businesses - low client and employee retention rates, lesser profits, dropped leads and increasing market competition, to name a few.  Discover more about the importance of certifications and success tips for Cleaning Contractors in The Cleaning Contractors Playbook (that too for free)!