Streamline - The Power Of Pure Water Cleaning


HygieneTech’s partnership with Streamline is all about going green!


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December 28, 2021
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Streamline - The Power Of Pure Water Cleaning

Hygiene Tech, and as a part of its ongoing quest to enhance green cleaning, had partnered with Streamline, a pure water cleaning devices and technology manufacturer from the UK, to introduce new and powerful green cleaning procedures in challenging environments.

The range of machineries and devices under this green category cleaning starts from indoor portable devices to heavy facade and glass cleaning machines and smartanks with carbon fiber retractable poles reaching up to 23 meters in height.

How does it work?

 The technique behind the system is since Pure water (water that is pure from any form of mineral or residue) is stronger than any chemical when it comes to façade and glass cleaning, the cascading pure water leaves neither residue of a chemical or trace; thus, leaving the surface spotless and making it very hard for any dust or dirt particle to cling onto it since It is pure.

The range of the machineries and systems that are under this technology is vast, however, we will introduce you to four of the mostly used in the market:

  • Dragonfly System: The STREAMLINE® DRAGONFLY® is the perfect answer to internal glass cleaning where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required, as it allows you to clean windows at height with your feet on the ground. The DRAGONFLY relies on no detergents or chemicals and yet cleans a multitude of surfaces, including windows, mirrors, cladding and stainless steel surfaces to a sparkling and spot-free finish. With a compact battery and pump combination mounted in the comfortable backpack, controlled by a simple switch on one of the lightweight STREAMLINE® OVA8® poles the DRAGONFLY®4 has proven to clean at height up to three times faster than traditional methods - and safely from the ground. Areas of use include car showrooms, stair wells and atrium in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres the opportunities are endless! Saving time, saving money.
  • Mobi Midget System: The fantastic mobile system filters the tap-water on-site on-demand. With the access to the water connection only, the 12v battery powered RODI trolley system is able to produce a high flow of perfect 000ppm water quality. MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley system is a 4-stage filtration process that combines 3 different technologies of purification: Carbon Block pre-filter, the Reverse Osmosis membrane, and finally the polishing DI filter. The result of the 3x filtration processes is pure water quality at 000ppm. Using the MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley system combined with a STREAMLINE® telescopic pole, you are working a lot faster, safer and easier than the traditional window cleaner. The trolley system can also be placed on top of high rise buildings, to support the rope access cleaners. With the 3 x different filters, the MOBI® MIDGET RODI trolley is very economical to maintain and fast to charge: 5 hour charge time, 10 hour run time.
  • Denver High pressure trailer system (available with Hotcube): Highway tow 600 and 800 litre water bowsers, mounted on single axle chassis, with diesel engine and pump combinations, capable of producing up to 16 lpm max flow 276 bar max pressure. Complete with a 30m high pressure hose reel and hose. These are probably the most compact trailer mounted 600 & 800 litre pressure washers on the market today, with a total length of less than 2.5 meters. A rugged and wellconstructed trailer, meeting all current regulations and Type Approval, with powerful engine and pump combinations. This trailer provides a solution to situations where water is readily needed away from a water source and for the most demanding of outdoor cleaning tasks. The unit is ready to go and comprises of a baffled polyethylene tank with 600 or 800 litres capacities, and both options include an 18” manhole and lockable cover, mounted on a highway tow single axle chassis, complete with geared pump and engine combinations, plumbed to a heavy duty steel hose reel with 30 meters of high pressure hose. These bowsers offer a solution to many situations for pressure washing where water is not available on site, such as boat yards, construction sites, farms and stables, amenity areas, etc
  • Smartank system: Pre-built and ready to be used, the new SMARTANK® design features a coated galvanised skid for the tank and offers you the option of either a 400ltr or 650ltr tank. The tank can be filled within 5 hours and will last for a full day with the option of two operators. In cases of emergency filling, the operator can use the booster pump to fill the tank within 1 hour. The time to charge the system is 8 hours and will last for 8 hours of work with two operators. The Smartank is equipped with two TDS meters. One of the skid’s advantages is that it contains forklift holes, allowing users to forklift the SMARTANK® into their vans making it a totally portable independent system.

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