A conversation with the MD of Al Saqr Industries LLC


Abdul Latheef NP speaks to Clean Middle East in an exclusive interview


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October 12, 2021
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A conversation with the MD of Al Saqr Industries LLC

Earlier this month, we spoke to Mr. Abdul Latheef NP, Managing Director of Al Saqr Industries LLC about his vision for the company, his vision about sustainability and the markets he wishes to tap into. Let’s take a look at the conversation. 

Tell us about your company.

Al Saqr Industries LLC, a company which was incorporated in UAE more than a decade ago, is now a well-established corporation in the fields of vehicle liquids, cleaning liquids and packaging items. We enjoy a large market share in these industries in and around the Middle East and we also have three branches in Oman to ensure prompt service and supply.  

What is your vision when it comes to sustainability?

Maintaining consistency in quality, prompt delivery, excellent customer care and after sales support through a long term customer relationship is the key to our sustainability. All of our customers prefer to stick with us forever due to the same reasons.

What products do you manufacture?

We specialise in manufacturing a series of chemicals, household cleaning liquids, vehicle liquids, packaging items and personal care products.

  •         Industrial and household cleaning liquids -  dish wash, floor cleaners, antiseptic disinfectant, auto wash shampoo, drainage opener, cleaning acid, cement scale and rust remover.
  •         Vehicle Fluids -  Aqua blue (carbon emission exhaust fluid), battery acid,  battery water, radiator coolants, antifreeze radiator coolant.
  •         Packaging items -  Stretch film, cling film, aluminium foil, clear tapes, pp strap, cord strap.
  •         Personal care Products - hand wash , sanitizing solution , hand sanitizers and Biotab7
  •         DM water and distilled water

 These products are manufactured under various popular and industry best brands such as "AQUA", "COOL- X", "TURBO", "KLEAN-X", "CRYSTAL" and "AL SAQR".

Which industries are they suitable for?

Our products are quite popular in vehicle industries, cleaning industry, packaging industry, households, and also being used by construction companies, oil field, marine industry and for hydro testing.

What challenges did you face during COVID-19?

We are not much affected in terms of sales during COVID-19 since we had a couple of disinfecting products as well.  And we can proudly say that we could take part in some charity works during the time and also support our staff and their family in their home countries in the much required way. 

The major difficulty we faced is that some funds got locked in the market due to the disaster from which we are slowly recovering.

How did you overcome this?

We could realise a majority of the locked-up funds with a steady follow up. We even worked out a relaxed term of payment with a few customers who faced major setbacks due to the disaster.

What is the importance of disinfection?

Daily disinfection is inevitable in today’s life to protect yourself and the people around you. By strictly adhering to this practice, we could survive the COVID-19 situation without any staff getting away with the infection.  Our own products proved to be quite effective and successful in the process. And thus we could become a small part of the world’s fight against COVID-19.