Product excellence in 2020


A look at some of the products that were at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020...


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December 20, 2020
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Product excellence in 2020

The year 2020 has been full of highs and lows and has experienced an unprecedented change in how the cleaning industry operates. On one hand, the demand for cleaning products has soared, on the other, the market still remains at an all time low. In these troubling times, facility owners and end users have been actively looking for effective disinfectant solutions. Here is a lowdown of just some of products that dominated the market in 2020 and their respective areas of application!


Diversey’s innovative solutions aim to protect and care for people to help them live their lives in a safe environment. Their patented technologies such as AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen peroxide) in the Oxivir products act within a minimum of 15 seconds to kill viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces...(Read more)


ANOSAN ECO® - Ecabiotec’s natural fogging solution for direct air disinfection, air system disinfection, and all fogging and misting utilities is also in focus. Its high public safety, non-corrosive nature, and high disinfection efficacy on all bacteria and viruses make it ideal in this pandemic...(Read more)


The products for which NEFCHEM witnessed a huge demand in 2020 were NEFCHEM ABDG 52 ACTIVE hand sanitiser gel, NEFCHEM alcohol hand and surface disinfectant wipes and NEFCHEM Antibacterial Wipes. All of these products effectively kill 99.99% germs and are ideal for use especially given the current pandemic...(Read more)


Even during these difficult times, Nilfisk managed to secure deliveries and service their machines in critical sectors. They have launched their second robotic scrubber through an online global launch and also added a new UVGI solution, which allows disinfecting done in one pass while scrubbing...(Read more)


Reza Hygiene is renowned for supplying well known, trusted, reputable, innovative products, and the COVID-19 pandemic crisis proved to be an endorsement of these values from professional users...(Read more)


With the pandemic gripping the world, there was a need for a disinfectant that would provide long lasting results. Siqura was quick to respond to this need. They provided a solution that disinfects and sanitizes..(Read more)


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