Hygiene Wet Wipes - Eudorex


Eudorex is a 21-year old company specialized in the manufacture of wet wipes and cleaning cloths. It has made a name for itself in just two decades and is one of the leading manufacturers in the Italian wet wipes market.


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March 8, 2021
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Hygiene Wet Wipes - Eudorex

Italy-based company Eudorex, founded in 2000, was born as a manufacturer of cleaning cloths, mops and sponges. Today, Eudorex produces wet wipes, microfiber cloths, non-woven cloths and abrasive sponges. In fact, it is one of the few companies in Italy that focuses on three different markets: retail cleaning, commercial and institutional cleaning, and personal care.

Given this USP, Eudorex has developed an important know-how in different production technologies and in different types of materials. The synergies generated give it an important competitive advantage in the individual markets. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Eudorex has also gained leadership in the professional wet wipes market in less than a year.


In 2003, Eudorex found that there was immense potential in the microfibre cloth and decided to specialize in this product category. In just a few years, Eudorex became the reference company for Italian professional distributors.

In 2007, the company introduced POLIATTIVE® FIBERS in the market - a real innovation in the market of cloths for professional and domestic use. Polyurethane coagulation technology is applied to microfibre fabrics, enhancing the already high performance of microfibre and filling some technical gaps. To date, specific Poliattive® fibers stand out for the correct cleaning of stainless steel.

In 2014, after 2 years of research, Eudorex created 2 international patents for the production of an abrasive sponge for surface cleaning with unique characteristics. The special fiber guarantees the cleaning of delicate surfaces such as stainless steel and non-stick surfaces. The lamination system guarantees the possibility of sanitizing the sponge at over 90 °C. Its raw materials make it the only sponge in the world to have obtained the very important ‘food contact’ certification in the HoReCa sector and in the food industry.

In 2015, Eudorex also acquired a company specialised in personal care, in particular in cotton buds production and make-up remover pads. In 2017, the production of wet wipes began; investments were made in modern and very efficient plants, as well as in R&D, and this led Eudorex in a few years to specialize in the production of sanitizing wet wipes for surfaces and cosmetic wet wipes for personal care.


• 2,000 square meters of production with 10 production lines

• 4,000 square meters for warehouse and logistics

• 300 square meters for offices

• 51 employees

• 15 ml € expected annual turnover for 2020

• 35 million pieces sold per year

• 3 product lines (home cleaning, professional cleaning, personal care)

• 320 products

• 38 sellers

• 2,700 customers

• 4 patents

Hygiene wet wipes for professional use

For Eudorex, hygiene wipes for surfaces represent an exciting adventure. They were first launched in 2019 during the last edition of Pulire in Verona with the argument of ‘cost in use’, ‘safety' and ‘practicality’. The hygiene wipes have several advantages including the reduced operation time, reduced labour costs, lack of requirement for water and laundering, the elimination of the need to create black water through this and errors in the preparation of chemical solutions.

The developers of this technology found that the issue of safe hygiene linked to disposables was taken for granted earlier - but today it is vital. The range includes wet wipes treated with 4 different active ingredients - 80% alcohol for hands, 70% for surfaces, didecyldimethylammonium chloride (DDX), hydrogen peroxide for surfaces and floors. Both hand alcohol and the PMCs used comply with EN 14476 standards.

ALX MANI (HANDS) is among those that are receiving the greatest demand. Compared to gel, it has two advantages: the mechanical action of the fabric and versatility, in the sense that in addition to the hands you can also sanitize high-touch surfaces, such as touch screens, handles, etc. Public authorities, railways, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, hospitality and industry use Eudorex products to contain the infection in the workplace. This is a source of great pride for the company.

This is a new category that completes their line of cloths and sponges and allows them to reposition themselves as a reference company for the dealer.

Microfibre cloths

2020 for Eudorex Pro also represented the arrival of MICROTEX ECO, a Nordic Ecolabel-certified textile microfiber. The ecological profile of microfibers has been known for some time; see the GPP directive implemented in the current Procurement Code. The Ecolabel certification for microfiber is a rewarding criterion in the field of public procurement. This is the ideal equipment for stress-free sanitation and incorporates the recommendations contained in the reports of the Italian Ministry of Health. Indications applied to microfiber cloths and soaked wipes, to be used in various situations. From cleaning the grids in aeraulic systems, to the sanitization of electronic equipment and touch screens, to the cleaning of trolley handles in supermarkets, etc.

Overall, Eudorex is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wet-wipes and microfibre cloths in the cleaning industry and continues to strive towards constantly R&D to improve the way we clean!


Alfonso Montefusco - CEO, Eudorex tells Clean Middle East about the importance of wet wipes and his vision for 2021!

Why are wet wipes important in cleaning services?

Wet wipes are easy to use, convenient and offer higher safety for the user of the wipe and the facility.

Even in the pre-Covid period, the risk of cross-contamination in healthcare was very high. Cleaning systems in high-risk locations involved the use of reusable cloths. It is very easy to understand that with the reusable cloth system the risks are very high. Moreover, a further risk is linked to the preparation of the disinfectant, which is entrusted to the cleaning staff. Incorrect preparation does not guarantee the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

The use of the disposable wet wipe, on the other hand, avoids cross-contamination and eliminates the risk of incorrect preparation of the disinfectant solution, as it is prepared in an industrial way. Another advantage is the lower cost in use, compared with the total cost associated with the management of reusable cloths.

 What purpose do they serve?

They are very suitable when an effective, safe and fast sanitization is required - in particular, hospitals, medical clinics, hotels and restaurants. They are ideal in high-risk hospital areas, in fastfood restaurants for quick and safe cleaning of tables, in hotel rooms for bathrooms cleaning and surfaces in general.

How are Eudorex wipes different from others found in the market?

Eudorex has a great know how in that category. We have modern and performing facilities and so we are able to produce very big size of wet wipes intended for floor cleaning. Besides, we are one of the few companies able to offer a very large range of products with several active ingredients such as alcohol, ddac, hydrogen peroxide, paracetic acid.

Why are you focusing on the Middle East region? What gap have you seen in this region?

We think that the Middle East market is a very interesting market for our wet wipes and for the other cleaning products we produce. In addition to the healthcare and hospital destination, when the tourism business will start again, the attention to the correct and safe sanitisation in restaurant sand hotels will be very high. Our sanitizing wet wipes are perfect to solve this need.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your brand and its products? How did you meet the increased demand for cleaning tools and products?

Eudorexpro is a well-known brand in Italy. 95% of the Italian distributors in professional cleaning are our customers. Fortunately, we designed and introduced our wet wipes line in June 2019 during the PULIRE fair in Verona. When the pandemic started, we already had the product that everybody wanted. Therefore, the demand for our products increased by 40%. In order to satisfy it, we doubled the shifts, and we worked 7 days a week. Thanks to our good relations with our main suppliers of raw material, we had sufficient material for our increased capacity. And now we have also gained the leading position in Italy in the sanitizing wet wipes category.

What is your vision for 2021?

I think that the demand for cleaning products will be higher than before pandemic, even after the emergency situation is resolved. Much more attention will be paid to the sanitization of every location in every situation. Moreover, the protocols and the cleaning systems have changed and wet wipes have and will have a very important role in the future.


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