Pool maintenance: Tips


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September 28, 2020
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Pool maintenance: Tips

With the market opening up gradually, people will start thronging hotels and each other’s homes. Pool parties are going to be a given. So it is extremely important to ensure that the pools are kept clean and hygienic. Now more than ever, maintaining your pool by ensuring the water remains clean and crystal clear is of the utmost importance. Hitches & Glitches has come up with some easy-to-implement tips that will keep the pool, and the surrounding area, in great condition.

Use a bit of elbow grease

Skimming leaves or other debris from the surface of the water should be done routinely. Preventing algae build-up by scrubbing the side of the pool should also become a regular task, twice a month should be enough, however, keep an eye on any specific areas of the pool that are prone to growth and get scrubbing!

The beating heart of the pool

It’s vital to look after the pool pumps and filters by cleaning them at least once a month. Cleaning frequency can vary depending on several factors; is the pool is in an area prone to leaves or other debris, for example? It’s important to remove anything that clogs the pipes and prevents the pool from being properly filtered and the water clean.

Turning the filter on and off regularly can cause wear and tear to the mechanics, use a filter and timer to prevent this and it will maximise efficiency.

Check the chemicals

Maintaining the chemical levels in the pool is crucial. To avoid skin and eye irritation, preventing the water from becoming murky, or more importantly killing bacteria, keep the balance of the water on point. Testing kits can be bought locally from your pool supplier which will allow you to assess and ensure the pool pH levels are in the neutral zone, spikes in acidity can be prevented through the use of alkaline and your chosen sanitiser to kill bacteria. We would suggest however if you are in any doubt, call the professionals.

Keeping it on the level

The water level is important: too low or too high, you risk damaging the machinery by sucking in air to the filter and burning out the pump, or ‘flooding’ it and causing it to work extra hard. We can advise on the optimum level and simply top-up the water level using a garden hose, or in the event that it has been overfilled, a range of pumps are available to reduce the water level. It's worth noting that a pool that requires regular topping-up may have more serious underlying problems such as cracked and leaking tiles.

All hands-on deck

You should never forget the surrounding deck or patio area. Bacteria, algae, and dirt can all be tracked back to the pool if the area surrounding it isn't regularly cleaned. Use a power hose or cleaner and scrub it with a longhandled brush at least one month. Sweep up leaves, dust, and other debris at least once a week.

Above ground pools

As a result of community pools being closed across the UAE, many residents have opted for modestly priced above ground temporary pools. Maintenance of these share many similarities with a regular pool in that they need to be regularly cleaned and scrubbed, chemicals should be checked daily and before adding to the pool they should be dissolved in water.

Filters for the pump are disposable and should be replaced every two weeks or more regularly depending on usage. HOT TIP – a tennis ball placed in the pool will help clear surface oils from sun lotion and other creams.

Time for the professionals

Pools are a big investment. In case of leaks or cracks, it is best to depend on a professional service provider who can potentially prevent further damage. Annual maintenance checks are definitely a must.

About the Author:

Kelvin Pradheephen Vargheese, Director, Hitches & Glitches has over 15 years of experience in the facilities management (FM) industry, the last four of which have involved managing all elements of FM, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and business development for H&G’s parent company Farnek.


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