Minakshi Panday


The Power 30 Housekeepers Of 2022


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Minakshi Panday

Minakshi has had her experience in most parts of the world covering the UK  (British chain of Hotels 800 rooms), Africa (New Africa hotel and Casino 500 rooms), Kuwait (700 rooms, a huge property of 6 thousand 6 hundred yards of property) and the Middle East (Dubai).

She is presently working as a group director housekeeping for Byblos, taking care of 7 properties and 1 to open soon.

Spending her time and working in various parts of the world has made Minakshi a better person, helped her in learning various kinds of different operations, learning various products and administration.

She enjoys using her travel experiences and various ways of operations, as and when required. She has also been awarded the youngest Executive Housekeepers Award and contributed to various housekeeping and other operational write-ups in magazines.