Mansi Saxena, Executive Housekeeper, Lusail Hospitality & Services, Qatar


The Housekeepers Power List 2023


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November 1, 2023
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Mansi Saxena, Executive Housekeeper, Lusail Hospitality & Services, Qatar

Your impact on housekeeping

Over the course of my career, I've significantly impacted the housekeeping sector through my managerial and leadership skills. My ability to lead large teams, allocate resources efficiently, and maintain high standards of customer care has transformed housekeeping operations. By introducing and implementing innovative strategies, I've optimised the performance and quality standards of my teams. I've also demonstrated exceptional skills in problem-solving, leadership, and training. 

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career

Throughout my career, I've encountered various challenges, including managing large teams, controlling expenses, ensuring guest satisfaction and in-house demand of colleagues and management. Controlling expenses without compromising guest satisfaction has been a remarkable achievement, showcasing my ability to balance financial considerations with quality service. My commitment to employee satisfaction and empowerment has also been crucial in overcoming these challenges, leading to improved guest care and operational efficiency.

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals

For my fellow housekeeping professionals, my advice should revolve around your wealth of experience. Emphasise the significance of training and team management in maintaining high standards. Encourage strict adherence to standard operating procedures to ensure consistency and quality. Highlight the importance of controlling expenses by smart budgeting and careful monitoring. Suggest conducting regular audits and reviews to identify areas for improvement. Stress the value of employee satisfaction and empowerment as it directly influences guest care and overall operational efficiency. Furthermore, my career path illustrates the potential for growth and advancement in the housekeeping sector through dedication and hard work. Sharing your insights on how you achieved promotions and recognition can inspire others in the field.