Keeping our facilities clean, inside and out


Tatjana Ahmed discusses the four aspects of cleaning: preventive, daily, interim and re-conditioning.


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June 27, 2022
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Keeping our facilities clean, inside and out

Maintaining superior hygiene levels at our facilities is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues. While we focus on removing bacteria in guest rooms, wash rooms and public facilities, it is important to have the same focus when it comes to the back of house area or the outside areas of a hotel. Developing a cleaning schedule and protocol for staff to follow is the best way to maintain a clean facility.

In order to reduce time, and focus on maintaining high standards, cleaning efforts can be divided into four categories: Preventive, daily, interim and re-conditioning. 

Preventive cleaning starts by looking at areas which can be coated in order to become resistant to dirt. Nano coating on glass is becoming more and more common, especially in areas which are difficult to reach. The coating protects the glass from soiling, and has water repellent properties, just like the lotus-effect. Long-lasting and self-disinfecting coatings are applied to protect against microbial attacks. These coatings assist in keeping your areas hygienically clean without wiping down surfaces every time they are touched. 

To protect the entrances of the lobby, terraces and outside walkways, dust mats are a big help to prevent dirt from entering the building. Outside areas require a good sweep, perhaps with a walk-behind vacuum sweeper to eliminate as much sand and debris as possible to be dragged inside. 

Use a surface protecting coating for your water resilient floors to make them more hardwearing. 

Daily cleaning is required to avoid dirt-build up. This also includes damp dusting of flat surfaces such as tables and window ledges. Wash rooms need multiple daily cleaning. Floors cleaned with a functional scrubber dryer stay well maintained, when cleaned daily with this method. 

Interim cleaning is needed when there is a larger foot fall in an area. It will be just a quick cleaning in between daily or deep cleaning. It is important to choose the right method of cleaning in order to avoid too much disruption. 

Maintaining light fixtures on an interim cleaning level, will improve light efficiency significantly. 

Re-conditioning is more of a deep cleaning and requires more time. Therefore, it should probably be done at night. Restoring floors requires stripping the floors and then replacing the coating. 

tatjanaMany floors can be restored by using industrial diamond pads, these are environmentally friendly as you do not need to use strippers nor sealers. 

Reconditioning of metal surfaces is also very time consuming. Therefore, it is always important to finish your re-conditioning with a protection to make it last longer. 

About the author:
Tatjana Ahmed is the Chairperson of the UAE Housekeeper’s Association and the Director of Housekeeping at Grand Hyatt, Dubai.