John Manohar, Cluster Director of Housekeeping, J5 Hotels, UAE



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November 1, 2023
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John Manohar, Cluster Director of Housekeeping, J5 Hotels, UAE

Your impact on housekeeping

In my career, I have strived to transform housekeeping by adopting a holistic approach to cleanliness and guest satisfaction. I believe that housekeeping is not just about maintaining a clean environment but also creating a Welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. To achieve this, I've focused on several key aspects. First, I've implemented innovative cleaning techniques and technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This includes using eco-friendly cleaning products and adopting practices that reduce waste and environmental impact. By doing so, I've not only improved the quality of service but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, I've prioritised staff training and motivation. Housekeeping can be physically demanding and often involves repetitive tasks. I've addressed this challenge by creating a supportive work environment and emphasising the importance of their role in memorable guest satisfaction. This approach has not only improved staff retention but also elevated the quality of service provided.

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career

Challenges in housekeeping are numerous, including tight schedules, difficult guests, and the need to adapt to ever-evolving cleaning standards. To overcome these hurdles, I've emphasised effective communication within the team, allowing for the seamless coordination of tasks and the swift resolution of issues. As a housekeeper, everyone faces the challenge in linen management and laundry operations. As the world moves towards sustainability and circularity, I decided 3 years ago to move to a lean model of rental of linen where the total cost of operations is contained. I am able to get the required quality of Linen and increase or decrease the quantity as I need for the operation. The company I work with also supports me in the textile recycling space to achieve circularity and moving towards a net zero environment. I've also embraced continuous learning and flexibility, staying updated on industry trends and encouraging my team to do the same.

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals

My advice to fellow housekeeping professionals would be to always prioritise guest satisfaction and recognize that cleanliness is just one aspect of their experience. Embrace innovation, invest in staff training, and foster a positive work environment to ensure consistent high-quality service. Remember that challenges are opportunities for growth and that open communication and adaptability are essential for success in the dynamic world of housekeeping.