Ebenezer Ahimaz, Executive Housekeeper, Radisson Hotels, Oman


The Housekeepers Power List 2023


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November 1, 2023
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Ebenezer Ahimaz, Executive Housekeeper, Radisson Hotels, Oman

Your impact on housekeeping

As a housekeeper I have always felt the hospitality industry has undergone significant transformation over the years. One of the most notable changes in recent years is the integration of technology into housekeeping operations. I ensure my team uses housekeeping management software to streamline tasks like room assignments, inventory management, and guest communication. This has improved efficiency and accuracy in managing housekeeping tasks. I analyse occupancy rates, guest preferences, and cleaning performance metrics to optimise staff scheduling, cleaning processes, and resource allocation.

The emphasis on sustainability has led me to adopt eco-friendly cleaning practices and products. I have also implemented quality assurance programs, conduct regular inspections, and train my team consistently to maintain consistent standards, more over to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge. 

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career

The COVID-19 pandemic posed staffing challenges in the hospitality industry, leading to shortages due to health concerns and reduced travel. Strategies included cross-training staff, offering temporary incentives, and collaborating with HR for recruitment. Initially, there was a pool of skilled housekeeping staff, but budget constraints forced reliance on outsourced, less experienced workers. Training modules shifted towards on-the-job training and role plays to enhance performance. Enhanced cleaning protocols were implemented to meet heightened cleanliness demands. Sustainability goals focused on eco-friendly practices. Technology integration for housekeeping management was challenging, but rigorous training facilitated successful implementation. Adapting to changing health and safety regulations and managing labour costs required proactive solutions, emphasising adaptability, effective communication, and collaboration with other departments.

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals

Based on my experience, I can offer a few advices for my fellow housekeeping professionals:

  • Prioritise training and development 
  • Embrace technology
  • Maintain open communication
  • Focus on sustainability
  • Manage resources efficiently
  • Adopt a guest-centric approach
  • Stay informed
  • Lead by example
  • Self-care
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Adapt and innovate