Burhan Amin, Executive Housekeeper, Baylasun Hotel & Marina, KSA


The Housekeepers Power List 2023


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November 1, 2023
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Burhan Amin, Executive Housekeeper, Baylasun Hotel & Marina, KSA

Your impact on housekeeping

Throughout my career, I have witnessed a significant transformation in the field of housekeeping. By embracing technology and implementing efficient processes, I have revolutionised housekeeping practices. One key aspect of this transformation has been the integration of smart devices to streamline operations. With the help of automated systems, such as robotic vacuums and smart work schedules , I have reduced manual labour and optimised time management.

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career
Nevertheless, I have faced several challenges along the way. One common obstacle is managing tight schedules and high workload demands. To overcome this, I have established prioritisation techniques and excellent time management skills. By categorising tasks based on urgency and importance, I ensure that critical areas are addressed first, allowing for a smoother workflow.

Another challenge is dealing with difficult guests or clients. In such situations, maintaining a professional and calm demeanour is crucial. I have learned to actively listen to their concerns, empathise with their frustrations, and offer prompt and effective resolutions. Furthermore, continuous training and development have equipped me with the necessary skills to handle challenging personalities and maintain composure in demanding situations.

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals
My advice to fellow housekeeping professionals would be to embrace technology and continuously seek out innovative solutions to improve efficiency. Utilising automation and digital tools not only saves time but also reduces the margin for error. Additionally effective communication and empathy are crucial in managing guest expectations. Listening to feedback and making guests feel valued and heard creates a positive experience fostering long-term loyalty.

Lastly, it is important for housekeeping professionals to prioritise self-care. Housekeeping can be physically and mentally demanding so taking breaks practising stress management techniques and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are essential for personal well-being and professional growth.