Amarnath Kumar, Executive Housekeeper, Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, UAE


The Housekeepers Power List 2023


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November 1, 2023
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Amarnath Kumar, Executive Housekeeper, Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, UAE

Your impact on housekeeping

Throughout my career, I've been committed to transforming the housekeeping profession by embracing innovation and sustainability. I have championed the adoption of advanced housekeeping management software to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. We've also focused on eco-friendly cleaning practices, reducing our environmental impact and promoting responsible tourism. Moreover, I've cultivated a culture of continuous improvement among my team by encouraging ongoing training and development.

The challenges you faced in your housekeeping career 

Housekeeping comes with its unique set of challenges, such as labour shortages and maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards. To address these challenges, we've introduced cross-training programs to make our team more versatile and adaptable to changing circumstances. Additionally, we've placed a strong emphasis on staff well-being, implementing programs to reduce physical strain and promote a healthy work-life balance, which has boosted morale and retention rates.

Your advice to fellow housekeeping professionals

My advice to fellow housekeeping professionals is to embrace change and innovation. The industry is evolving rapidly, and those who adapt will thrive. Invest in training and encourage your team to stay updated with the latest practices and technologies. Remember that the essence of housekeeping goes beyond cleanliness; it's about ensuring guest satisfaction. A guest-centric approach is key to success, as happy guests are the best testament to your housekeeping prowess.