Amarnath Kumar


The Power 30 Housekeepers Of 2022


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Amarnath Kumar

Having worked with some of the most iconic hotels (luxury and business) including world’s tallest Five Star Hotel JW Marriott Marquis, Amarnath has developed an adept understanding of the hospitality industry. While his passion lies in service to guests, he is also equally adroit with administration and finances. Managing expenses and optimising revenue have been my core focus areas over the years and I have been able to engage my team with financial figures so everyone works towards a similar goal.

Amarnath is a result driven, self-motivated individual who likes to face challenges head-on at work. Loyalty, dedication, attention to detail, honesty and integrity are the principles Amarnath abides to at all times. As a leader he is directive and demanding but fair and flexible at the same time. He strongly believes that the team should have fun and learn whilst at work.

As a trainer, Amarnath likes to develop productive and professional individuals who can help the team to perform better. He hires individuals based on their values and attitude rather than credentials. He uses every mistake as an opportunity to learn from.

Some great achievements:-

  • BSA Cleanliness- Secured 100% (2021), 97.3% (2020), 95 % (2019), 95.5% (2018), and 98.8% (2017).
  • Engagement Survey- Achieved 90% plus for five consecutive years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 with Marriott Brands for Housekeeping as well Laundry.
  •  Pre-Opening Trainer- Personal Invitation by President & CEO-The Ritz Carlton LLC-Mr. Hurve.
  • Humler for the opening of Bulgari Dubai & Residence in 2017 to train the Housekeeping Department.
  • GSS-Room Cleanliness- Outstanding performance at Sheraton Hotel, Mall of the Emirates Dubai (No.1 in Middle East among all the Sheraton Brands in Middle East) and always as key contributors (K) in all the Marriott hotels where worked Guest Laundry Revenue - Just in 4 months’ time generated 300,000 AED from guest laundry which has been 50,000 AED above the budget.
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Cost – Managed to save laundry and dry cleaning cost in just 4 months of time in 2022 128,000 VS budget.

Talent Development- Developed more than 200 associates who worked in housekeeping.