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December 30, 2019
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Meet The Leading Distributors

The global industrial cleaning market size is growing day by day, year by year. Studies estimate that this market will skyrocket to USD 58.2 billion by 2024 by the end of 2024. This also implies that the distributors of cleaning and hygiene products will grow and reach new heights in their respective businesses.

 The Middle East, in particular, has been brimming with distributors who have not only shown diversity in their product offerings, but have also been at par with the ever growing demand presented by the market. These distributors have been partnering with global brands and manufacturers and have shown significant improvements and benchmarks in their after sales services.

 Highlighting this trend, Clean Middle East recognizes some of the leading distributors of cleaning products who have made a remarkable difference in the GCC region with their product offerings, innovative solutions and thriving partnerships.


It was 35 years ago, in 1985, that the founder of ALBARIQ, Erik Franzen sold the first road sweeper in the Middle East. As the company approaches its 25th anniversary in 2020, it is looking forward to some great events, exciting changes and new concepts.

ALBARIQ originates from the equipment business, and during the early years, their core business was with the larger municipal sweepers. Municipal contracts are often big but project oriented, therefore the company diversified into smaller equipment such as industrial sweepers, scrubbing machines, vacuums, single disc, janitorial and washroom hygiene products including tissue paper with a more stable consumption pattern. From there, they grew into a complete supplier towards the FM market. Given their wide product portfolio and geographical coverage, ALBARIQ works with most sectors that work with professional cleaning equipment. The greatest achievement of the company has been employee retention and loyalty. Another big achievement of the ALBARIQ is how the company dealt with the 2016 Saudi economic crisis

Products and the USP

ALBARIQ has always opted for a strategy to work with a diversified product portfolio in order to offer the market the best possible solutions for each given application. Their industrial portfolio with the US manufactured PowerBoss and FactoryCat brands, has become synonymous with heavy-duty performance and a solid design without compromise. These machines are built to last and it is fantastic to have equipment that they sold 10-15 years ago still in use. Most other products would have given up after half that time

For commercial applications such as malls, supermarkets and similar, ALBARIQ has a long and very successful relationship with Fimap from Italy. The Fimap product portfolio has developed tremendously, and their latest product lines such as the MMG, Magna and Maxima are simply beautiful machines, equipped with the latest technology and a fantastic driver/ operator comfort. Their large sweeper range with the Broddson TowBehind sweeper, popularly referred to as sand eaters, and the Fimap 4 and Fimap 6000, have been very successful during the last years. Small equipment, such as their own EuroVac vacuums and EuroDisc single disc machines together with TTS janitorial products form a strong steady backbone of ALBARIQ and completes our product portfolio

Within hygiene solutions, ALBARIQ has purposely chosen to be more of a boutique supplier to customers that appreciate good service and a good product, and this is a strategy they intend to continue to follow within the hygiene division.The product portfolio is very wide but also built based on specific requirements to the various parts of the cleaning and FM sector ensuring that the company has the best possible offering for the industry.

Future goals

One of the biggest changes ALBARIQ is planning in January 2020 is to adopt brand new facilities. This is a perfect opportunity to design significant improvements on how the company’s internal work comes in line with international best practices related to sustainability and the environment. Since ALBARIQ has Swedish heritage, environmental sustainability lies at its core

In fact, their hot water addition to the PowerBoss Nautilus scrubber has been a great success and offers most of their clients the possibility to handle heavy duty scrubbing without the use of chemicals. Fimap new modern line-up of equipment also offers water recycling and various water and power saving functions.

ALBARIQ believes customers should focus more on the equipment quality and life rather than various ecogimmicks that are appearing in the industry. Many of these features are decreasing equipment life and increasing maintenance costs since the machines become more sensitive. A machine that lasts 10+ years will be more sustainable than a machine that must be replaced after 4-5 years.

The company has a lot lined up for the coming 3 years. Their new HQ building is a big part of the coming years. Their new workshop will be taking inspiration from the best within the auto industry.


Chbib - a Saudi Arabia-based company made its humble beginning in the year 1996 as a distributor for Electrolux Euroclean and were distributors for all Electrolux products mainly kitchen, laundry, minibars, shelving etc.except Euroclean - the cleaning range. Eventually, they were also asked to distribute Euroclean. Having started off with zero experience and limited knowledge of cleaning equipment, it was quite a challenge. However, looking back, the company is grateful to its President’s decision. With Euroclean, the team at Chbib noticed a dearth of parts supply. While many brands existed in the Saudi market, there was only a steady supply of consumables, accessories and parts. Therefore, Chbib took the strategic decision of embarking on supply spares, consumables and accessories for all brands.

Today, the company has a diverse range of equipment with a focus on floorcare and carpet care, and are strong in that segment. They have also diversified into selling municipal vehicles, waste management equipment, façade cleaning, washroom hygiene and air care products.

 At Chbib, the belief is that cleaning is the fourth important pillar in life after food, clothing and shelter, therefore everyone who wants to clean is their client - they are continuously working on providing products for everyone, every household, industries, institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Chbib’s sustainability goals are simple yet effective. One of them is to help Saudi Arabia achieve the 2030 plan initiative of its King and Crown Prince. This will help and provide sustainable solutions towards water conservation mainly for cleaning, educating and training young Saudis towards maintaining a green and cleaner environment. They also aim to provide effective solutions to the cleaning and hygiene industry to save on natural resources and also provide alternate natural resources to achieve better ego friendly goals

In the past 10 years, Chbib’s greatest achievements have been on two fronts: They have never registered negative growth and every year, they’ve been been able to launch new products and services and have gained clients in new areas.

For the next three years, Chbib anticipates a robust Saudi economy opening new avenues and new opportunities, which will attract the whole world. They are gearing up to deliver on it with KPIs.


Chbib Environmental Care Co. Ltd. is adjudged as one of the largest provider of cleaning solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Industry standards and experts. Established in the year 1996 in Riyadh the Company is anchored by a dedicated workforce of more than 50 professionals.


The name Chemex is quite familiar across the Middle East as a brand providing reliable cleaning solutions in the United Arab Emirates since inception in 1989. Chemex Chemical and Hygiene Products LLC came into existence in 1995 and rebranded to Chemex Hygiene Concepts in 2017. Since its inception, the company has been efficiently catering to varied requirements across the UAE and GCC markets. Their head office in Al Qouz Industrial Area, the newly formed Chemex Detergents and Disinfectants Factory is in Dubai Industrial Park (DIP), Dubai South, along with their latest business venture Chemex Plastic Industries. They have their extended offices in Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah in UAE.

CHEMEX caters its cleaning solutions across the facilities management, HORECA and manufacturing industries. With their product portfolio of 3,200+ products which consists of Cleaning chemicals, equipment, machines and tools, they have become a one stop solution for complete range of cleaning supplies. Chemex also undertakes OEM and contract manufacturing of cleaning products. As a part of their expansion plan CHEMEX group is expanding their warehousing in order to further meet the market requirement, which will be completing the construction by November 2020.


Continental Trading has grown to a leading distributor position since 1980, serving the market of the GCC with innovative, reliable and productive cleaning solutions from renowned international standard products of European and American manufacturers. They have taken the UAE cleaning industry to the next level with a stateof-the-art, innovative wide portfolio of machines and equipment like vacuums, carpet/upholstery extractors, scrubbers, burnishers, sweepers, standons, road sweepers, specialty cleaning machines, façade cleaning systems, stone restoration systems, housekeeping & laundry chemicals and janitorial. This is amply supported by their loyal suppliers – Premiere Products, UK; Numatic International, UK; Windsor Ind.,USA; Isal Sweepers, Italy; Pulitecno, Italy; Tecnovap, Italy; Klindex, Italy; Sanwa Kenma, Japan; Pongal Cleaning Products, Spain; Bayersan, Turkey; Contico, U.K.; 3M Products, USA; Fast/Ivac, Holland; and Rexodan Laundry Chemicals, UK.

Continental Trading directly liaisons with reputed global manufacturers for every product to ensure a long term back-up and spare parts support that explains why Continental always offers a 10 year guarantee of spare parts availability. The company is careful to protect the environment and service quality, ensuring that its staff, customers and eventual end users benefit from the safest, healthiest and cosmetically finished results.


Daitona General Trading L.L.C. is one of the UAE's leading general cleaning items and janitorial equipment supply companies. Established in 1991, Daitona carries a large inventory in its four warehouses with over 48,000 square feet to offer its customers prompt deliveries within the U.A.E. In May 2006, Daitona set up a full-fledged showroom in Hor Al Anz East, the first-of-its-kind in the U.A.E., as a one-stop-shop for all the cleaning and janitorial needs of its customers. The products available include general cleaning items, janitorial equipment and floorcare machines.

Due to continued growth in business, the Head Office was set up in City Bay Business Center, Hor Al Anz East, near Canadian Specialist Hospital. The brands Daitona represents are Hygiene System, HS Bin,HS,Vita, IPC Tools Italy, IPC Ready System Italy, IPC Pulex Italy, Mr. Brush, KSI, Cisne,Coronet, Haug Bursten, Aricasa, Celtex, Papernet, AZ Hygiene, Scentpur, Nu Fresh, Fragmatic, HS Chemicals, Cavallo, Baiyun Cleaning, Roots India, Roots Multi Clean India, TMB Cleaning Tools and Cleaning Machines , Sleek Series, Powr Flite, etc.


Dhofar Global Tr. Co. LLC. is an Oman-based company established in 2001 with a vision to grow across the Middle East and Asia offering clients with the best international standard products in hygiene care at a competitive price. Dhofar specialises in delivering quality products that include Italian hygiene paper products, nonwoven products and state-of-the-art dispensers, chemicals, cleaning tools and disposable products.

As a leading supplier, the company has been catering to HORECA, MNCs, the banking sector, ministries & private corporations, FM, government institutions and the aviation industry for over 11 years. Dhofar Global strives to get innovative products with the latest technology to the clients’ doorstep. The company has offices in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, with representative office In Tanzania, Maldives and Mauritius. Their vision is to be the regional leader in providing hygiene and lifestyle solutions. And the mission is to provide stakeholders with a happier environment and a remarkable experience through innovative and superior quality products and services. The company’s core value is to be transparent, fair, trustworthy professional and innovative .


Fairlink Trading L.L.C was established in 1997. Mrs. Rajasree Pradeep, the current CEO of Fairlink took over the company in 2005. Since then the company has been evolving as a solution provider in hygiene care. From a distributor of tissues and chemicals, today Fairlink is an auditor in hygiene care and pronounces an unbiased opinion in hygiene care to its customers. Knowledge is the core strength of Fairlink. Globally trained youth, with a passion to serve the local UAE customer needs, is the company’s primary strength. Unsurpassed value addition as solution provider makes Fairlink a pioneer in enhancing health with hygiene care.

Fairlink products are in the compartments of sanitation, disinfection and sterilisation making the science of cleaning. The team behind Fairlink believes that sustainability should be done cost effectively. Knowledge in the science of cleaning is essential for sustainability. In fact, green and durable products form Fairlink’s strength. They also believe that the cleaning Industry can richly contribute to employment by converting unskilled to skilled. Think differently and act differently to sustainability is the attitude. The company caters to the needs of the Away From Home market (UAE and Oman), FM companies, schools, hospitals, HORECA and institutions. In fact, its biggest achievement has been the creation of a generation with belief in hygiene care to enhance health. The future goal of the company is to be a perpetual fountain of knowledge in cleaning science. And the are working on it! In fact, Fairlink Trading’s R&D department plans to have something in the offing in every quarter of 2020.


Excel International was established over two decades ago with the aim of providing exceptional and innovative solutions in the cleaning industry and offering the same to a spectrum of clients across different industries. With a strong base of many satisfied clients across Qatar, U.A.E and India, Excel is a pioneer in this sector. Excel delivers comprehensive products & service solutions to the hospitality, real estate, catering, aviation, processing units, corporate work sites, healthcare, government and academic sector.

Their goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value on their investments, thus optimizing overall operational efficiency. The products the company offers include cleaning equipment, washroom hygiene solutions, janitorial solutions, waste bins and cleaning chemicals, to name a few.


Eurotek is a name synonymous with innovation and trust in the cleaning industry with over 10 years of experience in providing cleaning machines, chemicals, tools and consumables to an ever growing list of esteemed clients across the region. Eurotek has always strived to ensure clients are always provided with the better quality products and equipment and aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Keeping this in mind, the team is committed to offer all customers a choice of better quality products from different manufacturers and leading factories from around the world. At Eurotek, customized solutions with chemicals, equipments and machines are offered to clients by working closely with their exact requirement. Since they have a wide range of products in our portfolio, they can always work well with the client’s budget.


Hygiene Tech is a leading company representing more than 20 top international manufacturers in the UAE. Together with its team of more than 50 experienced professionals. Being aware of the importance and high relevance of a cleaner world with less hazards inflected on our environment, HygieneTech has been amongst the first to introduce and acquire green and ecofriendly products. The company’s sustainable program expands from ‘Green Apple Award’ for its “Vase” winning washroom hygiene product from Vectair to heavy-duty cleaning machines such as “Bella” For floor polishing with Green pads and no chemicals required, “Blue Evolution” steam machine for thorough and multiple function system that covers all aspects of Hospitality and the healthcare system, and “Streamline” pure water machine for façade and glass cleaning with no chemicals with a 22M reaching height along with its whole range of the Italian manufactured Comac machines.

It’s products include washroom hygiene, paper products, janitorial equipment, mats, chemicals and heavy-duty cleaning machinery


Intercare has been in the cleaning and hygiene market for 45 years. They were the harbingers of the concept of hygiene in the U.A.E and Oman markets. From a bar of soap used in a hotel restroom to any other public facility, every unhygienic practice or product has remained unacceptable for Intercare. Till date, the company continues to change the cleaning and hygiene industry with new and innovative solutions. Ever since it began its operations, Intercare catered to every major revolution in the industry - malls and municipal cleaning (to name a few). Then came the big revolution in the U.A.E., when malls started having bigger and bigger areas to clean and that is when Intercare stepped into automated cleaning. Apart from providing the latest products in the cleaning and hygiene industry, the company stands apart in its quality relationships with its clients and end users. In addition to this, Intercare strives for affordable sustainability. Because of these unique features, Intercare is popular amongst all companies that have a need for cleaning solutions. In fact, Intercare enjoys a lion’s share in municipal street sweeping segment thanks to the innovative technology of their products coupled with excellent after sales service. The company not only provides excellent cleaning solutions but also ensures that comprehensive training is provided to provide optimum cleaning results. In the next 3 years Intercare aims to further consolidate its position as the market leader by investing in smart and sustainable products and technology.


Widely regarded as the ’Cleaning Solutions Company’, Trent International is a professionally managed company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of hygiene & cleaning chemicals, janitorial products and professional cleaning equipment. Set up by a group of professionals with years of experience in the industry, Trent originated in Ajman, UAE in 2003 as a trading company dealing in chemical raw materials. With the establishment in 2006 of Trion Surfactants, its own manufacturing & blending unit for liquid detergents, the company set out on the path to become a full-fledged manufacturer / marketer of a diverse range of cleaning products.


These units are equipped with modern testing and manufacturing facilities to maintain consistency and high quality standards. In tune with its vision and with alacrity, Trent graduated to producing a full range of hygiene & cleaning chemicals and today it manufactures & markets more than 100 products in this category an achievement few companies can boast. Trent’s range of hygiene & cleaning chemicals now sell across the GCC and some countries of Africa. To realize its goal of becoming a one-stop source for everything in cleaning solutions, Trent has drawn on the experience and expertise of its team of professionals and continuously evolved not just by producing an ever-widening range of hygiene & cleaning chemicals that spans varied hygiene and cleaning needs of numerous customer segments, but also by adding to its portfolio a set of world-renowned brands that offer a wide range of janitorial products and professional cleaning equipment to complement its range of cleaning products.



NEFMS Trading LLC has been operating in Dubai for the last 10 years. They are the distributors for Nefchem Specialty, Ecotech Europe and Ecoplus Global products in the UAE. They started operations with a supply of cleaning hygiene products, detergents and disinfectants to hotels, restaurants, catering companies, airlines, hospitals, etc. Over the years, NEFMS has expanded its product range and services and currently cater to some of the top brands in the hospitality industry. In line with their sustainability goals, they have recently onboarded a hotelier, Dhanesh Kumar, as General Manager of the company, who has vast industry experience.


NEFMS Trading has long-term goals that include providing an eco-friendly product range to its customers. Their product offerings include parasitic acid based vegetable disinfectant which can be used as a fruit and vegetable wash and is one of the eco-friendly products available in the market today. They also offer biodegradable cleaning cloths to their customers from Ecotech Europe, which is a fast moving product in its range. Their clients mainly include hotels, restaurants, catering companies, airlines, hospitals, etc. They currently service some of the top hospitality and service brands in the U.A.E building strong partnerships with them. In the year 2017, they started their own manufacturing unit for detergents and disinfectants under the brand name NEFCHEM Speciality, with technical knowhow from the UK. NEFCHEM Speciality covers F&B, kitchen, housekeeping and laundry products.

Their state of the art automated plant located at Dubai Investment Park has a well-equipped laboratory and experienced staff to carefully monitor the quality of the products at every stage from manufacturing to packaging. NEFCHEM Speciality products are formulated to meet all international standards by sourcing raw materials from the USA, UK, Europe, and Asia. NEFCHEM speciality manufactures cost-effective and tailor-made solutions to customers as per their requirements.



The Reza Group in general has a history of longterm successful partnerships in the various market sectors they operate in; these include McDonald’s, Exxon Mobil, JC Decaux to name a few. The same applies to Reza Hygiene, which is recognized as the region’s leading one-stop provider of hygiene and cleaning solutions.

Customer profile Reza Hygiene industry specialists and technical service teams provide the most cost-efficient solutions with the highest possible standards where hygiene is critical in our daily activities. This is especially seen right through the food chain from farm (animal health and biosecurity) to the fork (food & beverage industry, caterers and retailers) healthcare, commercial building & facilities, transport hubs, professional laundries.

Reza Hygiene can proudly boast that for the majority of the GCC population, they will at some stage in their day, come into contact with a food product, healthcare facility or institution, that is using in one way or another a product solution from Reza Hygiene to protect that product, a guest, patient or customers. The company’s total solution approach always includes strong, leading brands that are renowned for their innovation, durability, approach to sustainability and value for money.

These include companies such as Dyson, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Hako, Nilfisk Food, Safe Food Corp, Brandenburg, Genesys, Hill Brush, Christeyns, Rochester Midland Corp, Steri-7, Evans Vanodine. Many of these successful relationships stretch back more than 30 years, as is the case of Evans Vanodine Int. Ltd of the UK and Rochester Midland Corp of the US, the original pioneers in green sustainable chemicals solutions since the early 1990’s.


Rubbermaid Commercial Products (R.C.P.) are famous for their incredible rugged durability and can be seen around the world in all major transport hubs, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, commercial buildings and theme parks. The partnership with Reza Hygiene extends throughout the waste and cleaning product range and into the washroom with the technical concepts aircare and surface- care range of R.C.P. with over 40,000 dispensers serviced monthly. HAKO floor machines are considered the ‘Mercedes’ in their field, being designed and built in Germany and renown for long term durability and best return on investment.

With over 4,000 floor machines in the GCC over the past 5 years, one major sign of recognition was when Reza Hygiene had the honour to partner with the team behind the Great Mosque of Mecca. Hako gave full support to Reza Hygiene on this project with additional training of the Al Haram Saudi Operatives both in Germany and in Saudi. The partnership with Al Haram has now extended into their other leading brands being supplied including DYSON, RUBBERMAID and GUARD PRO. DYSON is famous for the reinvention of many product segments with incredible designs, reduction in energy consumption, product performance, reliability and long warranty periods. The partnership between Dyson and Reza Hygiene has resulted in some extremely important ‘big win ‘projects including Dammam Airport, Jeddah Airport and the Great Mosque of Mecca. What makes Reza Hygiene special? The company continuously lives and measure itself by its brand beliefs: BRAVE in its outlook, SHARP in its insights, CREATIVE in its solutions, and PERSONAL in its engagements across its network of partners, suppliers and customers. Reza Hygiene continues to be the customer’s preferred first choice supplier in every market sector it operates in and that is reflected in its long-term partnerships with its principal supplier partnerships.




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