Fine Solutions Helps Businesses Effectively Reduce Expenses On Hygiene And Disinfection


'Fine Guard Bubble’ program to help organizations have a germ-free environment while reducing disinfection costs through innovation-led hygienic solutions.


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July 7, 2021
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Fine Solutions Helps Businesses Effectively Reduce Expenses On Hygiene And Disinfection

Fine Solutions, the awayfrom-home division of Fine Hygienic Holding – one of the world’s leading wellness groups, is offering greater safety assurances and peace of mind to businesses and their customers in the region, through its comprehensive “Fine Guard Bubble” program.

The ‘Fine Guard Bubble’ program provides 360-degree protection by supplying antiviral personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as Fine sterilized paper tissues, antimicrobial surface disinfectant that lasts for 21 days, antimicrobial hand sanitizer that lasts for 24 hours, and other hygienic solutions.

Inspired by its Fine Guard antiviral and antimicrobial product line, the program provides long-lasting protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses including COVID-19, while helping organizations save money by negating the potential cost of PPE and disinfectants.

The ‘Fine Guard Bubble’ program is designed to protect the physical environment and brand reputation for participating organizations without adding any extra operational costs. 

“The ‘Fine Guard Bubble’ program is designed to recognize and showcase the organizations that adhere to the highest hygiene standards and use Fine Guard antiviral products and solutions,” said Ahmed Soliman, Fine Solutions Regional Marketing Manager. “Imagine yourself at an office that is protected for 21 days from viruses including COVID-19, and the staff is protected from head to toe with antiviral masks, gloves, even clothing. How much safer would you feel?”

As a result of the organization’s commitment to wellness  its customers – which spans over six decades – Fine was awarded the title “Sterilized Brand of the Decade 2020” by the Family Hygiene Institute (FHI). Fine has further emphasized this commitment by introducing hygienic best practices for businesses, placing the disinfection of public areas and the supply of disinfected products and equipment as a top priority

Fine has been one of the most trusted brands in the region for decades with consumers using its sterilized tissues at their homes for their families. That is something that pushed Fine as a group to invest in new technologies which led to launching the Fine Guard range. It is the first long-lasting germ protection category in the region.

“When consumers looked for a brand which they can trust for personal protection during the pandemic, Fine saw a surge in demand across all our sustainable products as buyers shifted their decision-making. The same trend occurred across diners, shoppers, and hotel guests where decisionmaking was based on trust for the brand and hygiene measures put in place,” said Seifeddine Beldi, Fine Solutions Country Manager UAE & Lower Gulf.

“Amidst the pandemic, the Fine Guard Bubble program was launched to bring footfall to businesses and to ensure the bestin-class protocols were being used at their premises. The Fine Mark of Trust is essentially provided for the customers to realize that these facilities have the highest levels of hygiene and that their wellness is the focal point,” Beldi added.

About Fine Hygienic Holding:

Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading wellness groups and the MENA’s leading manufacturer of hygienic products, serves consumers in more than 80 countries around the world. Originally established as a paper manufacturer, FHH has transformed into a wellness company dedicated to enhancing global health and wellbeing. With its commitment to becoming “the shining star of the Arab FMCG business world,” the Group focuses on wellness, sustainability, stateof-the-art production processes, pioneering CSR programs, and award-winning products. The company offers a diverse array of products including sterilized facial tissues, napkins, kitchen towels, toilet paper, baby diapers, adult briefs, jumbo rolls, as well as away-from-home products to accommodate all types of private and public institutions, in addition to innovative personal protective equipment (PPE), long lasting germ protection solutions and natural nutritional supplements.


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