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November 1, 2021
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Tell us about your company

 Blitz Blank Building Cleaning Services was established in Dubai in 2004 focusing on soft and hard floor maintenance and upholstery cleaning. With over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, Blitz Blank is a long-term supplier for various high-class hotels and restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well to individual customers. To widen the company’s service and product portfolio 2006 Blitz Blank became an official Vileda Professional authorized dealer for the UAE. Since 2017 the supply part is operating under the new name of Blitz Blank Cleaning Equipment and focusses exclusively on distribution and sales of Vileda Professional.

Tell us about your range of products

Vileda Professional brand is very strong in microfibre clothes, as well as sponges, scourers and complete cleaning systems. They focus on sustainability and continuously innovate their own products to also contribute to a cleaner planet.

Which is your top performing product?

What makes it unique? Our current top performer is handpad green, a Vileda scourer, where every fibre is coated with grit and resin, ensuring superb cleaning action throughout the lifetime of the scourer. For floor cleaning Vileda’s UltraSpeed Pro system is one of the best. It is especially designed to minimize training efforts whilst maximizing cleaning speed, versatility and ergonomics resulting in lower overall costs.


What are your new products?

Vileda Professional created a whole new series of products. All of them are sustainably crafted from post-consumer recycled polyester and marked with an r. These premium cleaning products meet sustainable values, driven by innovation and responsibility: Clean meets green.

r-MicroTuff Swift is the first recycled cleaning cloth from Vileda Professional. The cloth, made from 100% recycled polyester, provides our customers with the same superior Microfibre cleaning power and durability as the virgin fibre product. 2 PET bottles, 0.5 l are re-used in 1 r-MicroTuff Swift cloth without compromising on cleaning performance and durability. A 3rd party laboratory has proven the superior performance of our r-MicroTuff Swift in removing virus. The result: Each cloth removes up to 99,99% of bovine corona viruses from vinyl surfaces. That leading cleaning efficiency is retained even when detergents are omitted.

r-MicroTuff Swift stands for highest cleaning efficiency, durability and sustainability and has thus been awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which underlines that it is safe for the users and the environment. Since sustainability is often not an obvious product feature, "Love It Clean" label is used to highlight the most sustainable product choices. This label helps our customers to follow our ambitions for reducing waste, and our commitment to increase recycling and safety.

What are the future plans/vision of your company?

 Blitz Blank’s vision is to further position Vileda Professional, being the worldwide leader in cleaning solutions, as the Nr 1 choice for premium quality in the UAE market. In 2022 we will see a relaunch and new formulation for some microfibre cloths to contribute to a healthier planet - so watch out for the upcoming news.