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Infection control with spray and foaming systems


SEKO - one of the world's leading chemical dosing pump manufacturers - has the ideal solution to prevent infection and contamination in large-scale surface cleaning.


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April 26, 2020
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Infection control with spray and foaming systems

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, large-scale surface cleaning and disinfection of hospitals, supermarkets and food production sites is a vital tool in controlling the spread of COVID-19. And, the answer is spray and foam cleaning solutions, which enable large-scale cleaning and disinfection of walls, floors and other surfaces - including hard-to-reach areas - to be performed quickly and efficiently. In fact, cleaning personnel can save time as well as reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries common with traditional manual methods. In addition, they are less likely to come into contact with harsh chemicals.


How it works

For comprehensive sanitization during and post-COVID-19, SEKO’s powerful spray and foam-cleaning solutions provide complete peace of mind that surfaces are free of viruses. By delivering automatic and continuous dilution of the desired quantity of chemical, SEKO spray stations enable equipment, walls and floors to be disinfected efficiently and effectively.

The systems work on a venturi basis, where the force of the water draws up the chemical. No elec-trical or mechanical additions are required; although compressed air can be added on some systems to create a drier foam. The force of the spray is determined by the force of the water supply, with sufficient pressure (above 2 bar) required to ensure consistency and full functionality. The dilution is controlled by dilution tips with varying size holes, which restrict the amount of chemical drawn up.

With multiple-product selection, these systems enable users to apply both detergent and sanitizer as well as rinsing, with adjustable spray nozzles, meaning they’re ideal for covering large areas quickly and thoroughly - an essential benefit during a global health crisis when time is of the essence.

For deep cleaning post-contamination, SEKO’s foam sprayers such as ProFoam and ProMulticlean allow a rich, thick foam to be dispensed, providing extended chemical contact time with walls and other hard-to-reach surfaces.




Meanwhile, a range of handheld Atomizer systems enable fast, efficient and comprehensive surface disinfection after cleaning of temporary hospitals, ambulances, trains and anywhere else requiring urgent control of COVID-19. By filling the space with a fine mist of sanitizer at precise droplet sizes from five to 80 microns, the Atomizer kills up to 99.999% of harmful pathogens. The droplets reach every surface, including behind equipment and beneath countertops, for a whole-room solution that may not be achievable via spray systems. Atomizers are designed to be used after traditional cleaning and are ideal for quickly disinfecting enclosed spaces such as cleanrooms, train carriages and ambulances.



Some spray technologies require a fixed connection of some kind – be it air, water or electricity – which can limit the areas where these systems can be used. Some of SEKO’s portable systems, such as their backpack sprayers, require no connection and therefore offer a completely mobile solution.

These and the rest of SEKO’s range of solutions for fighting COVID-19 can be found in this dedicated brochure: