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Dhofar Global enters into partnership agreement with ffuussTM
Date: 06-10-2016

Dhofar Global has signed a strategic partnership with ffuussTM - a hand dryer manufacturer and part of Spain-based OTS Group. The contract awards Dhofar Global the exclusive distributorship of ffuussTM air dryers in Qatar. The state-of-the-art ffuussTM air dryers come with a patented air heating system that works without conventional resistors to avoid constant and unnecessary energy consumption. The unique design and distribution of the air outlets ensure even distribution of air to cover the maximum surface of hands and minimal noise and splash without affecting performance efficiency. The ffuussTM hand dryers contain high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filters and are treated with anti-bacterial additives to guarantee 100 per cent hygienic hand drying. Lastly, they are easy and safe to use for children and people with disabilities (PWD).

Chandan Singh, CEO, Dhofar Global, said, “In line with its commitment to ensure superior quality products and high standards in hygiene, Dhofar Global has partnered with ffuussTM. Qatar is a growing market with a surge in demand for high-performance and energy-efficient hygiene products and we will continue to partner with market leaders to bring industry-leading solutions to the country and the region.”

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