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TCL launches low temperature laundry chemical solutions



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TCL launches low temperature laundry chemical solutions

TCL which stands for Technical Chemical Laboratories, offering sanitation and hygiene products for the hospitality and healthcare industry has developed a cost effective total wash concept for laundry. TCL’s laundry product range includes Pre-Washing Cycle Chemicals, Washing Cycle Chemicals, Bleaching Cycle Chemicals, Rinsing Cycle Chemicals and Spotting Chemicals. “We aim to support the hospitality and healthcare industry globally to achieve the highest sanitation and hygiene standards at a reasonable cost. We offer the most environmental friendly solutions, and make use of the latest smart technology along with our own techniques for a cost-effective and best result,” Galal Ghaly, General Manager, TCL.

The new chemistry is based on innovative chemicals, combined with a well-balanced wash process. The chemical solution on offer allows the possibility to wash at lower temperatures, with excellent wash quality and bleaching results.

Green washing techniques

The latest developed TCL’s special chemistry for laundry detergent and laundry bleach doesn’t require high temperature to wash or for stain removal. This can be achieved by setting the washing cycle temperature and the bleach cycle temperature to 40 degree centigrade.

This leads to reducing the water consumption which automatically reduces the water filling and heating time and increase mechanical action and chemicals concentration in the washing machine. This not only helps achieving better result with less chemical consumption but also increase the linen life time and laundry productivity. In certain cases like washing the kitchen jackets, table cloth and napkins - which are highly soiled items, use of high temperature cleaning is a mandate. Thus, TCL washing techniques can save up to 25 per cent from the water consumption and up to 30 per cent from diesel and electricity consumption when compared to the current washing process. TCL experts will programme your washing machines according to the Galal Ghaly, General Manager, TCL chemicals requirements and will ensure the optimum desired results are obtained.


TCL claims that all its laundry products are environmental friendly and bio degradable. Each laundry unit is provided with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) and Environmental production certification ISO 14001:2015 Certificate. Hence, the company ensures that the chemicals, wash process and laundry affluent meets Dubai Municipality’s environmental requirements.

Further, TCL commits to collect and recycle all empty chemical drums from the laundry premises. The company also assists the engineering department in recycling laundry water as well as boiler steam return water. For more details on how TCL Experts can help your laundry to reduce utility cost and how to improve laundry productivity and revenue, please call +971554703833 for free consultation and a free trial.