Steam cleaning: effective and chemical-free


Can a dirty mop clean effectively? Is chemicals part of the solution or pose a problem? How can we conserve water?


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Steam cleaning: effective and chemical-free

Can a dirty mop clean effectively? Is chemicals part of the solution or pose a problem? How can we conserve water? Such questions led the cleaning team at Mangrove Facilities Management LLC to seek a cleaning mechanism which would employ advanced cleaning techniques minimise the use of chemicals to protect the environment while conserving water and precious natural resources

Mangrove Facilities Management LLC which previously offered services exclusively to the Mangrove Group in Dubai was changed to Mangrove Cleaning Services in May 2011 to offer cleaning services to other customers since October 2011. “We are not aware if there is any other company that is offering cleaning services with steam cleaning as a principal delivery method,” says Abdul Ghafoor, CEO, Mangrove Group. Currently, the company is offering its services to a wide range of clients from residences, offices, entertainment industry, commercial enterprises such as malls, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants to educational institutions with great emphasis on nurseries, hospitals and clinics.

A wide range of applications is possible with the steam machines and accessories. All kinds of surfaces and articles including ovens, kitchen cabinets, bathroom and toilet fixtures, floor grouts and bath tub sides that generally collect soap scum and mildew can be eliminated with steam cleaning. “Our technology also works wonders on upholstery and mattresses where dust mites are eliminated ensuring “Sweet Dreams” and not nightmares,” remarks Ghafoor “We know that UAE desalination plant spending will jump 300 per cent to reach US$ 3.22 billion per annum by 2016. This just strengthens our resolve to conserve water. Our research and months of debate led us to the concept of steam cleaning. We found the best European manufacturers as our technology partners,” continues Ghafoor.Awareness of steam cleaning technology is gaining ground in the UAE. “To our surprise, there is already a great awareness amongst the western population living in Dubai. We are busy and we receive great praise for both the technology as well as our service quality. “Our steam machines deliver dry steam at 140 degree celsius to clean and sanitize different surfaces, like floors, kitchen tops, toilets, glass windows,  and household articles like ovens and other white goods, sinks, bath tubs, curtains, upholstered items, carpets and mattresses etc.,” says Ghafoor.

“We have the advantage of doing many jobs with the same machine. Let me give an example of a typical dialogue between our client and our team supervisor. While having the oven cleaned and kitchen or bathroom sanitized, the customer often muses, “Shouldn’t I get the sofa and mattresses done too, and oh yes, why not curtains... hang on, did you tell me you can steam clean my curtains without removing them?” The team supervisor’s reply would be,

“Yes Ma’am we can do that.” There are multiple advantages of the cleaning process. “We deliver much better value to our customer. We make it possible through a service delivery method that ensures family’s health without exposing them to dangerous cleaning chemicals, save on chemicals and cleaning supplies and provide savings due to reduced need for pest control as steam cleaning kills bed bugs, dust mites and eggs of cockroaches in addition to eliminating 99.9 per cent of bacteria and protecting the environment in which we and our posterity have to live. Moreover our technology partners are constantly working on introducing new machines that improve on previous model’s consumption of power. We support Dubai Municipality’s initiative, ‘My City My Environment’!”