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MotorScrubber launches Generation 3 - The professional cleaning equipment set to change the world


Engineer Imre Killi, CEO of MotorScrubber and aspiring British inventor, officially launched the new Generation 3 cleaning machinery range and DMT System that gives you the freedom to Deep clean anywhere, Maintain surfaces and Transform the way you clean.


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March 1, 2020
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MotorScrubber launches Generation 3 - The professional cleaning equipment set to change the world

Prior to the UK launch event held at the prestigious Belfry Hotel and Spa Resort on 21st January 2020. Prototypes of Generation 3 had travelled across the world to countries famous for the world’s best cleaning equipment. Such as Moscow, South Korea, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, to London and Vegas, accumulating vast anticipation from large global distributing networks.

From cordless deep cleaning machines that extract dirt and kill bacteria in hard to reach areas, with motorised scrubbing, alloy gears and optional suction, to Power Harness Technology that protects the users posture, to transforming any brand of large scrubber dryer, enabling the user to clean 100% of any floors surface, MotorScrubber is focussed on solving everyday cleaning problems found in buildings around the world. Imre is set on revolutionising the Cleaning Industry by designing ultimate cleaning machines, which can and will give professional cleaners the results they need.

Whether that’s cleaning floors, stairs, or walls in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, trains, boats and more. Each product from the MotorScrubber Generation 3 range has been designed to make cleaning, easy, enjoyable and efficient, whilst delivering immaculate results and the added benefit of smart, convenient storage. The first products to be unveiled were the new and improved JET3 and M3, upgrades to the JET and MS2000 models. “All our machines are designed to be maintenance free. All our machines are continually developed to fine tune and improve their performance as new technology comes to the market,” said Imre Killi.