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Interview: Anders Morup, Regional Director, Nilfisk Middle East


“We will continue to see intelligent solutions increasing productivity and changing how you manage the entire cleaning process.” – Anders Morup 


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Interview: Anders Morup, Regional Director, Nilfisk Middle East
The Internet of Things is changing the way we see the world and the cleaning industry has certainly not been shielded from its impact. Top cleaning equipment manufacturers worldwide are now working on ensuring that IoT is an integral part of their portfolio. Nilfisk – a Denmark-based manufacturer of cleaning equipment – recently announced the launch of its new Horizon Programme at the ISSA/ Interclean Chicago show. We talk to Anders Morup, Regional Director, Nilfisk Middle East, about the impact of such a technology both globally and in the Middle East.
Nilfisk recently announced the launch of the Horizon Programme. Tell us a little about this programme and how you expect to take it forward.
The Horizon Program from Nilfisk is a long-term strategic program that will deliver intelligent and technologically-advanced cleaning solutions to the industry. The program will consist of multiple product launches, the first - an autonomous scrubber - to be released in 2017. With this, Nilfisk is focusing on bringing state-ofthe- art, autonomous cleaning technologies to the market, enabling customers to deploy unmanned floor cleaning with accuracy and precision.
Common to all launches within The Horizon Program is that it will be dedicated to developing intelligent and connected cleaning products, giving customers greater control and more flexibility, and fundamentally changing the way they clean. The Horizon Program is Nilfisk’s vision for bringing to the market intelligent and connected industry changing technologies and solutions. We take our long range vision and make it a reality.
Where does this programme stand when it comes to the rest of the IoT devices that are being introduced by other cleaning brands?
We believe The Horizon Program will fundamentally change the way we think of ‘clean’. In this, we have combined our extensive knowledge of cleaning and close partnership with customers worldwide, with one of the world’s leading innovators of robotics technologies, Carnegie Robotics. This is a unique partnership that now has resulted in what we believe is the most easy to use autonomous scrubber in the industry. But this program is not just about autonomous scrubbers. In the future, Nilfisk plans to launch several connected and intelligent products and solutions with the clear goal of increasing productivity and lowering our customers’ total cost of ownership. With The Horizon Program we are simply rethinking the way you manage cleaning in the future.

What kind of technology will we see with the Horizon Programme?

The Horizon program is Nilfisk’s roadmap for innovation and technology going into the future, and we expect to see all kinds of intelligent solutions and technologies and in going forward. We have teamed up with one of the world leaders within robotics technology, and this first scrubber in The Horizon Program is equipped with a unique combination of sensors. Going forward, we will continue to see intelligent solutions increasing productivity and changing how you manage the entire cleaning process.

Tell us about Nilfisk’s operations in the Middle East region. Who are your distributors and target audience? What kind of market share does Nilfisk have in this region?

Nilfisk is well represented in all countries in the Middle East region and has been for decades. We have had a representation office in UAE for several years, which is supporting our distributors in the region. This has been a successful move to expand our presence and be closer not only to our distributors but to the end-users of our machines. Nilfisk has a very wide portfolio of machines serving many different industries from FM companies, hotels, and healthcare facilities to industries, factories, and construction companies.

Within the recent years we have also added road sweepers to our range, and we will continue to invest heavily in R&D to deliver cleaning solutions that provide cleaning efficiency while using less energy, less water and less detergent. Nilfisk is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment and has the same position in the Middle East. We continue to expand our position and reach as many end-users as possible.

What is your opinion of the growth of the cleaning and FM industry in the region? Do you think this is the right time to introduce IoT devices into the industry?

The Middle East has a very dynamic FM industry, which is evolving rapidly taking on new solutions and technologies. Nilfisk has seen our business grow in this region and we expect this to continue in the future. Yes, no doubt that technology will continue to influence our industry as it is other industries. We believe The Horizon Program from Nilfisk will fundamentally change the way we think clean. With the willingness to adopt new technology in the region we also believe that The Horizon Program will be welcomed in the Middle East.

What are your plans for the next 5 years in the Middle East region? What is the way forward for Nilfisk?

Nilfisk will continue to accelerate also here in the Middle East region and I foresee a great future for Nilfisk here in the region. We would like to expand the knowledge of our brand throughout the industry and, with our partners and distributors, invest in growing our business.