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High-Pressure Cleaning Comes of Age


Manufacturers come up with robust and durable machines which are energy and water efficient. - by Zenifer Khaleel


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April 14, 2017
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High-Pressure Cleaning Comes of Age

In the field of high pressure cleaning technology, the importance of versatility is becoming more prevalent. Most equipment is tailor-made to meet market demands. A diverse range of options in the pressure range now include washers that are mobile or stationary with hot or cold units depe nding on the required application.

Contrary to popular belief, high pressure cleaning reduces the amount of water and time as opposed to manual cleaning methods. When combining hot water with a pressure washer, it provides more supplementary power, which results in lower water consumption because the cleaning eff ect is improved, and the time to finish the job is shortened.

The latest technologies

“Nilfisk is probably the first supplier to integrate revolutionary high efficiency boilers in our hot-water pressure washers, in line with European legislation. Our efficiency levels are amongst the highest on the market varying between 92-93 per cent,” says Anders Morup, Regional Director Middle East & North Africa, Nilfisk. He adds, “Our newer pressure washers are designed to be more robust, versatile and energy efficient.” The Nilfisk EcoPower™ boiler from their MH series offers the users the benefit of the highest efficiency levels in the market. The natural EcoMode of these boilers means that fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20%. They are integrated with a double pass, labyrinth coil system which ensures that they have high outlet water temperatures at low running cost.

The decision of using high pr essure cleaners should be made in accordance with the pressure rating of the surface. Where a high pressure jet is not recommended, foam is used as a gentle solution. For instance, in surfaces with defects in paint work, the high pr essure jet could go below the paint and loosen it even more to make the scratches even bigger. R+M / Suttner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional cleaning technology Made in Germany. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and know-how, they develop and produce high quality components, spare parts and accessories for high pressure cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners. “We use foam technology, which saves labour costs. Foam has started its triumphal procession into the UAE market, especially in carwash applications and cleaning of very dirty or sensitive surfaces. It is a very smooth way of cleaning, and our injectors help save chemicals as they are eco-friendly,” says Nicole Rodewald, Export Area Manager of R+M / Suttner.

The company’s easyfoam365+ product line offers a wide range of technically mature products for professional foam cleaning, with applications extending to car & truck wash, wall & r oof cleaning, solar panel cleaning, food industry etc. “Our range covers nearly all demands in high pressure applications up to 500- 600 bar and also to related applications like sewer cleaning, industrial foaming & customized & private label products as well as a certain range of floor care and vacuum accessories,” added Rodewald.

Mosmatic AG, based in Switzerland has almost 40 years of experience in high pr essure cleaning, carwash industry and rotary unions. Their product range includes the largest choice of surface cleaners worldwide and various high-precision components and accessories that cross a multitude of product applications and industries such as carwash, high pressure, food, municipal and many more. They provide ecologic and ergonomic equipment for daily use.

“With a professional Mosmatic Surface Cleaner, for example, you can clean 5 times faster than with a standar d cleaning lance and thanks to the housing you are also protected from flying debris while cleaning,” said Patrick Rieben, Managing Director from Mosmatic. “In addition, we have introduced a surface cleaner that can be run with steam, which impr oves water efficiency.”

The new range of machinery

Nilfisk has recently added a new high class pump in the form of the NA6 pump - a design inspired by the success of their renowned long life C3 pump. The C3 pump is a core premium class pump with more than 20 years usage in some of the most extreme conditions in the market. “The majority of our pumps are reinforced wobble disc pumps using only quality and corrosion-free materials, such as brass pump heads. The pumps offer long working life and ease of maintenance. Our industrial class pumps are capable of running on sea water and also on high temperature water,” said Morup.

The air-cooled 4 pole (1450 rpm) or 2 pole (2800 rpm) motors are maintenance free and efficient, ensuring the reduction of energy waste during use. The automatic start-stop systems - whether immediate or time dela yed - ensure that the motor is not running during pauses in use. All the motors are equipped with thermal protection.

Many of the medium- and premium-class hot and cold water models are equipped with flow activated hydraulic control technology. This solution leaves the pump head, hose and spray gun depressurized during standby mode. This makes handling of hose and gun easier and safer. Re-start of the machine is softer with no sudden recoil of gun and lance. Finally, the washers are protected from motor start stops, caused by leaks into the pump, hose, and gun or piping systems; ensuring longer life and reliability.

Mosmatic has introduced a unique series called Hurricane, which are built for comfor table and mobile undercarriage cleaning. They are made of stainless stee l and available in different sizes and with different nozzles. The versions including stabilizer nozzles create a stable water jet up to 2 meters, which allows for high impact cleaning also for vehicles with large chassis clearance.

With the Hurricane Pro model you are not only able t o clean underneath vehicles, but also ha ve the ability t o pivot the spray deck, which allows for multiple cleaning angles. This feature enables to even clean the sides of construction equipment, fleet vehicles, boats or agricultural machines using just one model under carriage cleaner. All Hurricanes can be run with pur e water and a hot or cold pressure washer up to 275 bar. “Due to a very high interest for an undercarriage cleaner with steam at last year’s GULF CAR WASH - CAR CARE EXPO, we have designed a new machine steam. The prototype will be exhibited at this y ear’s exhibition in Dubai in November,” said Rieben.

“Ease of use is the most salient feature, consumers look for in a high pressure washer due to the increased awareness of the effects of operator fatigue on overall productivity. An increased focus on energy efficiency, particularly in sectors such as automotive, means that cleaning equipment needs t o be fuel efficient and conserve water. Pressure washers generally use significantly less water than regular taps, and therefore in industries such as agriculture and construction such machines have increased relevance,” concludes Morup.