What's Hot and What's Not


Cristen Ashley-Williams, Detailer & Training Specialist, Ramy Automotive, highlights the trends in car care in the Middle East…


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What's Hot and What's Not

Any person who has had to make car payments knows that it is an investment worth protecting. Here are some great ways to protect your asset as well as common mistakes made. Never be afraid to speak to your detailer regarding these issues, after all, you are paying for his expertise.

HOT: Ceramic coating from reputable manufacturer applied by a competent detailer 

On receipt of your new car, drive straight to your Auto Detailer and request a full assessment. It may require a gentle polish or just a deep cleanse before doing a ceramic coating.

This will protect your clear coat from day-to-day wear and tear and make maintenance much easier. Your car can be polished more often without the danger of removing the clear coat. A good investment in the Middle East, due to our harsh environment.

NOT: ‘Hand polish’ that claims to remove scratches and costs a small fortune 

A hand polish is a slightly abrasive paste with wax ingredient, which is meant to deep cleanse the paint enhancing the colour depth while the wax gives a protective layer. This should be inexpensive and will not take much time.

NOT: Getting your car washed in the hot sun with a dirty rag

If the cloth being used on your car is dirty, torn or not for car care use. If the soap being used is a ‘no name brand’ or unknown, it is recommended to go to a reputable company that uses best practices, i.e., branded reputable products, clean cloths with a clean water supply. A cheap wash can cost thousands to repair!

HOT: Regular interior detailing

This is important not only for hygiene but also for good health. Due to our hot climate, dust brought in from the AC grows bacteria and fungus as well as is a breeding area for dust mites. This can cause lung infections, asthma and other respiratory issues. Using safe products approved by the municipality to clean the inside of your car on a regular basis can reduce the risk of bad health.

NOT: Tyre ‘shine’

It is important to distinguish between a tyre care product that gives a ‘new tyre’ look, and the ‘no name brand’ tyre oil. Make sure the tyre product is meant to protect the rubber on your tyres, keeping it supple and reducing the risk of de-lamination and tyre blow outs. Oils dry out the rubber and put you and others at risk on the road.

NOT: Dashboard ‘shine’

Most cheap products that make dashboards shine also cause the plastic to dry out and crack. Not only that but this will ensure your dash attracts more dust than before and makes cleaning much more difficult. Use a mild product that contains protective properties to keep your dashboard in good condition.

NOT: Plastic coverings in cars

Dubai Municipality consistently advises us against leaving plastic bottles in the car due to the gases emitted, so covering the interior of your car in plastic is not only unsightly but also puts your family’s health at risk. Speak to your detailer regarding quality stain removal and fabric protection products for your car.

About the Author: Born and bred into the car construction industry with a background in automotive design, Cristen has always had an intense passion for luxury and classic cars. Cristen currently heads up training programmes in the UAE for Auto Detailing and offers Signature Detailing Packages for esteemed clients of Ramy Automotive.