Waterless Car Wash


By Adeeb Ahmed, Managing Partner, Lazer Clean Middle East.


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October 15, 2018
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Waterless Car Wash

Water reserves are fast depleting and global warming is becoming a huge concern the world over. The scarcity of clean or potable water is forcing the world to find indigenous solutions to save water and avoid its unnecessary wastage on non-essential usage. For instance, washing cars with water at home or in public parking areas can be identified as one of the many aspects where nonessential use or wastage of water can be avoided. A normal car wash usually consumes 18-40 liters of water. So, what is the alternative to this water wastage? The future lies in adopting waterless car wash techniques to clean cars on a r egular basis to prolong the time between the visits to water-based car washes.

What is waterless car wash?

Waterless car wash (WCW) is a mix of high-quality lubricating surfactants and polymers that work as a spray detailer which can be used to wipe off the dirt or road grime deposits on the cars’ surfaces thus leaving behind a clean dry shine. The added polymers provide a protective coating that further helps to slow down new accumulation of dust and sand and also offers a glossy shine. This technique can be used on cars with light dirt deposits and is a fast, time saving and easy way of keeping the car clean between washes. A normal size sedan can be wiped clean with 150 ml to 200 ml WCW liquid, out of which water is only 20 per cent of the solution. Thus, saving millions of gallons of clean water used to keep cars clean on daily basis.

Further, microfibre cloth plays an integral part in the waterless cleaning process. It helps wipe-off the waterless cleaning liquid along with dirt and grime without leaving any residue on the surface of the car. This helps in not leaving any swirl marks on the painted surface, which is quite common in car cleaning when a wet cloth or towel is used to remove dirt and grime from its surface.

Does WCW destroy the paint?

It is a general perception that WCW is not good for the paint of the car since it is made from a mixture of chemicals. But the truth is, WCW is made with very mild chemicals that are not harsh in any form. The mild nature of the ingredients can be judged from the fact that this solution has no adverse effect on human skin and the microfibre cloth. It can be used without wearing any gloves, too.

How does WCW work?

It can be explained in simple four steps:

1. Take a clean set of microfibre cloth and fold them twice to create eight usable sides.
2. Spray the WCW liquid on a portion of the car. Saturate one portion at a time and saturate well. Ideally, half a hood is a good size to saturate at a time.
3. With the help of the microfibre cloth, gently wipe the solution along with dirt and grime from the surface. No extra pressure is required during wiping-off. Wiping should be in one direction and as one side of micro fibre cloth is full of dirt and grime, switch to the other side. Utilise all eight sides to wipe off all the dirt and grime from the complete body of the car.
4. Use a second dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface after wiping for a glossy protective shine.

WCW is equally effective for cleaning the painted body parts, glass panels, chrome plated parts, plastic parts like bumpers, etc. Lazer Clean Middle East is the first Dubai-based company to develop a WCW solution locally. The product has been developed keeping in view the environmental conditions prevalent locally. It has also been approved by Dubai Municipality for sale and usage. Lazer Waterless Car Wash is an environmentally friendly product and is free from silicon, sulphates and phosphates, thereby, making it safe for the car, the hands cleaning it and the environment where it is being used.