Tete ä Tete with Ludovic Labidurie, CEO, Eolisair


We speak to Ludovic Labidurie, CEO, Eolisair who shares his views on improving indoor air quality in commercial facilities and why did he chose the Middle East market to launch Eolisair. Following are excerpts from the interview:


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September 16, 2019
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Tete ä Tete with Ludovic Labidurie, CEO, Eolisair

Tell us about Eolisair and your presence in the region. Why did you choose to launch this brand in the Middle East market?

Eolisair is the NateoSante’s subsidiary for the Middle East region. NateoSante is the French specialist in indoor air quality since 2007, dedicated to professional environments. The air purifiers are completely designed and manufactured in our factory located in France. We evaluated the air quality in Middle East region meticulously and discovered that the region has a serious issue with regards to indoor air quality. The figures motivated us to provide our indoor professional air treatment solutions and we chose UAE to begin with. We are indeed aware of the UAE National Vision 2021 agenda which aims to raise air quality from its current level to 90 per cent by 2021. UAE has always worked to improve the life standards of its citizens and we certainly want to play a vital role in improving the health standards of the UAE society.

Tell us about NateoSante’s association with the Airbus Group? How does it help the brand?

The Eolis Air Manager is the result of joint R&D partnership between Airbus Group and Nateosante. Both the groups have worked together to create a high-quality, innovative and comprehensive professional air purifier that can purify the air and treat air pollutants effectively. When we first initiated the idea of Eolis Air Manager, our aim was to design a very innovative air purifier for professional applications and our partnership with the Airbus Group was a value addition in terms of R&D.

What about the after sales service?

We have a dedicated technical team to install, maintain and fix all technical issues at the site across the Middle East region. For all professional applications, Eolisair provides a full year maintenance service contract.

What are your strategies for the next five years in this region?

Eolisair will expand its business and reach in the entire Middle East region. We’re planning to launch our subsidiaries in KSA, Kuwait and Oman in the next few months. We have massive potential and are currently looking for partners and investors to develop our business all over the Middle East region. Speaking about the product launch we are soon going to introduce ‘Hygeolis’ - a oneof- its kind air purifying system for public transport like bus, ambulance and even for cars etc. Furthermore, it can also be used in public toilets to immediately eliminate malodours.