Interview: Car Wash-Car Care


“We expect an increasing market value in UAE and the Middle East driven by focusing on better product quality, ergonomics and functionality.” – Dirk Niesen, Head of Sales, R+M / Suttner


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Interview: Car Wash-Car Care

Tell us about R+M / Suttner.

R+M / Suttner is a leading supplier of professional cleaning technology ‘Made in Germany’ the world over. Supported by more than 50 years of experience and knowhow R+M / Suttner develops and produces high quality components, spare parts and accessories for high pressure and industrial vacuum cleaners. With a total of 250 equally experienced and dedicated colleagues, we give our best each day for our customers to whom we supply system solutions for professional cleaning from one source, in the highest quality and individually tailored.

Describe your product portfolio.

Independent of any manufacturer, R+M / Suttner offers by far the widest range of accessories for professional high pressure cleaning systems and car washes. In any high pressure application, the high pressure spray gun is the connection between user and device. As a real expert in accessories, we take the view that it is only possible to get the maximum performance out of the entire system by means of the most suitable accessory parts. The special challenge in this case is to handle the cleaning task by fully exhausting the provided performance with the least possible losses.

A lot of homework needs to be done especially in the professional segment. In addition to the common fan and blasting nozzles with different possibilities for adaptation, we offer a broad range of rotating nozzles tailored to the appropriate requirements of the target groups. Rotating floor cleaners for an even and effective cleaning of large surfaces complement our offer. Moreover, our range comprises devices for weed control, sandblast kits, high pressure telescopic lances, nozzles and hoses for sewer cleaning, wash brushes or foam devices.

When it comes to the Middle East, what is your presence like?

Due to a stock quota of 95 per cent for all products, our rate for meeting delivery dates is nearing 100 per cent. We keep a permanent stock of 30,000 different items. That’s why we can hand over single component orders for daily use to our tried and experienced logistics partners within a few hours. Our current partners in the Middle East take advantage from that.

How does R+M Suttner stay above the rest of the competition in your product category?

Our accessory parts enable the user to handle his personal cleaning task in an efficient and effective way. In this context, it doesn`t make any difference if it is a cleaning application in the industry, municipal technology, weed control, food industry, pipe and sewer cleaning industry, car wash or tank cleaning. The focus is not only on the cleaning task but also on the handling for the user. As simple example - hose inlets at high pressure spray guns, which rotate under pressure, and accessory parts, which are equipped with a quick coupling, immensely facilitate the daily work routine.

What are the challenges in this region?

With regard to energy, drinking water and environmental aspects, a further aspect that was neglected for a long time gets a new importance. Extended exposure times of cleaning detergents before executing the real cleaning of the surfaces by means of the high pressure jet make it possible to significantly reduce the quantity of cleaning detergent and to boost the efficacy. Foam applications, especially, have great saving potential regarding the required quantity of chemicals and mechanical as well as thermal energy. Foam applications offer the following advantages:

Visibility: Eliminate the repetition of the first application; reduce the quantity of chemicals
Economy: Saving of water, saving of chemicals
Effectiveness: Foam reduces chemical requirements by holding the chemical in place to work; extended detergent contact time between soil and the detergent cleans better.

How does a show like Gulf Car Wash-Car Care Expo help leverage your presence in the region?

We expect an increasing market value in UAE and the Middle East driven by focusing on better product quality, ergonomics and functionality. The Gulf Car Wash-Car Care Expo is an excellent opportunity to meet with customers, suppliers, competitors and end-users to discuss the latest trends and developments.